Announcing our Holiday Hundred!

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Announcing our Holiday Hundred

This holiday season, we are giving back to customers

Clockwork Synergy is celebrating its 10th Year in Business and wants to celebrate the holidays by giving the top 100 customers a gift. It is with the help of loyal, friendly, outgoing, and amazing customers that we are able to be in business and provide high-quality watch straps for over 485,581 (and counting) customers to enjoy! We calculated the top 100 customers based on the following criteria:
– Total amount from all purchases, per customer.
– Frequency of purchases, per customer
– Social Media Support (tagging us, using #clockworksynergy, tweets, etc.)

It took a while to go through all this information but we finally were able to narrow down the list to the top 100 customers for 2015! So check your mail for a special gift from Clockwork Synergy this holiday season!

Customers of the Holiday Hundred have been sent a FREE Watch Strap

Want to get in on the action? Follow us on social media and use #clockworksynergy to grab our attention. Feel free to drop us a line too!