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Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service in the Industry

What do you really want when it comes to buying a product? You want it to be high-quality, you want it to fit your needs, and you want it to feel like it’s your own. More than anything though, you want to know the company you purchased your product from is willing to work with you to ensure you are pleased with your product. This is what distinguishes companies from one another; their level of commitment to their customers through their service.  Here at Clockwork Synergy, we do everything we can to provide the best customer service possible within our market. We know our customers want to feel satisfied and we make that happen. Want to know how? We make sure to always be listening to you and your concerns and doing everything we possibly can to make you guys happy! Just for starters, we offer free shipping on our website,, and eBay for all orders within the Domestic U.S. and offer free exchanges!!

Clockwork Synergy prides itself on providing impeccable,  top-of-the-line, high quality quick release straps & bands. From our sturdy NATO Straps and our Premium Silicone bands, we always make sure we offer variety for whatever taste you have. We have bands for TAG HeuerBell & RossPhilip SteinTechnoMarine, or Sevenfriday so you can relax because we have perfect Quick Release watch bands for you.

Best Customer Service

Free Shipping & Exchanges!

Now that it’s covered that our products are top-notch, we want to reiterate just how seriously we take our customer satisfaction here. Besides providing free shipping to the U.S., here at Clockwork Synergy, if you order one of our quick release bands, we want to make sure you really get what you asked for. If you ever feel that the watch strap is not up-to par, is not what you thought, or if you simply want a different size or realize you prefer it in a different color, no problem! We will exchange it for you at no additional charge (and we provide free shipping too). Why do we do this? Because, here, we are a small business with big ideas. We realize that in order to build a company, we must build a community, and the people in our community who are driving our business are our (amazing, spectacular) customers. And we know that making our customers happy is reason enough to continue doing what we do. It’s all about you guys and gals; really, it is. If you aren’t here, we aren’t here. We are a team, and with all teams, it’s about working together. Clockwork Synergy makes sure you know that we are always on your side. This is why we will always work with you to ensure you receive exactly what you want.

So, if you have any questions about your interchangeable strap, want to exchange it at no additional cost (Remember, we’ll give you free shipping on this!), or simply want to call and chat with us about our company, feel free! We love to hear from our customers. We are always looking for feedback in order to improve and give you all exactly what you want. You can reach us at

Have a question or concern? You can always reach us during regular business hours Monday- Friday from 8-4 pm EST by calling 410-720-2147. Want to contact us outside of business hours( We know you love to talk to us!)? Shoot us an email any time of day, evening, or night. We can’t wait to talk with you!