Classic NATO Watch Bands with stainless steel buckles offered in many nylon colors at Clockwork Synergy

New 2-Piece Classic NATO Bands

We are proud to be the first company that provides this unique combination of the NATO Premium and NATO Classic Watch Bands. You will be happy with the way they have turned out.

The NATO strap has been a commodity in the watch community that has stood the test of time and durability.  We have seen sales and interest in the NATO watch band rise over the past year, an indication of the straps rejuvenated success.  In particular, we at Clockwork Synergy are proud to offer the NEW 2-Piece Classic NATO bands!

Black & Grey 2-Piece Classic NATO Watch Bands on Timex Clockwork Synergy

The new straps have the durability of a premium NATO, with double stitching and heat sealed on both ends of the strap. In addition to premium quality, we are utilizing the great diversity found in the Classic Nato bands (hence the name “Classic” in the band), with over 80 straps to choose from one of many color combinations / patterns for Classic NATO Straps. Current these new two piece straps are being offered in a wide variety of wrist sizes ranging from 16mm to 26mm. In addition to the plethora of color choices, there is also two hardware options to select: Stainless Steel or PVD Black. With so many options to choose from, we know there will be a perfect combination for everyone!

Here is a small taste of what is now being offered exclusively at Clockwork Synergy. In addition to providing these new straps, we have created a section of the Watch Straps for Apple™ dedicated to the 2 Piece Classic Nato. If you’re looking for the Classic NATO appearance, feel, and durability, yet still want the sensor to activate on your Apple Watch™, check out 2-Piece Classic NATO bands for Apple Watch® here.

2-Piece Classic Nato Watch Bands Variety Clockwork Synergy

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