New Brushed Gold Adapters for Apple Watch

More Options for the Apple Sport Watch

For some time, a constant influx of requests was made for a new adapter set that better matches gold & aluminum versions of the Apple Watch Sport™. We hear you and have reached a solution!

Clockwork Synergy proudly announces NEW Brushed Gold Adapters for the Apple Watch®!

Clockwork Synergy has been providing watch bands for the Apple Watch® since its launch in April of 2015. Last year we released an exclusive line of premium leather straps for Apple Watch® made available to Best Buy™ stores nationwide.

Our goal is to provide the best quality watch bands and adapters for your Apple Watch, while giving you the largest selection as well. Over the past few months, customers like you have been asking for us to make a new gold colored adapter. After countless times at the drawing board, we have designed the best brushed gold adapter to match your Apple Watch. Built with the same consistency and durability of our other Apple adapters, we brought in this new color to give you more options!

With the addition of the Brushed Gold Adapters, you will have a choice of a total of seven adapter colors: Brushed Steel, Stainless Steel, Black, Space Grey, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and now, Brushed Gold! You will only be able to buy the brushed gold adapters online through our webstore. Get yours today as they are fresh in stock! Looking to add to your wardrobe with a plethora of bands to choose from? Let us help you grow your collection! We always stand by our bands and work endlessly to bring the best to our customers.

Enjoy your Apple products without sacrificing your style standards. We know having a lot of options available is what makes changing up your watch bands a fun process! With the ability to quickly change out our watch bands on your Gold Aluminum Apple Sport Watch, you will not waste any time in that process.

Great Service, Many Options

We pride ourselves in being able to give you the best customer experience possible. When you purchase from Clockwork Synergy, rest assure that your order is being handled with the highest attention to detail and quality. We do our best to meet and exceed your expectations of a watch band company. In addition to our customer service team that is ready to answer your questions, we offer over 270 bands for your Apple Watch. You can change up your style by adding a new band to your Apple Watch with the brushed gold adapters.

Not sure which color band to get? With our quick-release bands, you can quickly change the bands in seconds, no joke! Going outside and want to enjoy the water? Try our Silicone bands with the brushed gold adapter to completely match your attire. In addition to purchasing a pre-assembled band with the brushed gold adapter, you can also buy the adapter separate if you wish to use it with your current collection of bands from Clockwork Synergy. Find these adapters and others on the accessories page in our Online Store.

Employee Favorites

Our Team Top Picks of the Brushed Gold Adapter Bands

Our hardworking group of individuals that help bring awesome products for your Gold Aluminum Apple Sport Watch to your wrist are sharing their favorite bands for the Gold Aluminum Apple Sport Watch with you! Of the 276 bands available for the Apple Watch, we choose our top FIVE bands for the Gold Aluminum Apple Sport Watch. Let’s get straight to it!

Lizard Grain Leather – Pink

The Lizard Grain leather watch bands really bring a sense of upgraded style to your band. Bridging the working technology with a traditional style of leather shows the cohesive ability for the Smartwatch to be integrated into your everyday life. This is great for going out on the town, or wearing during your office meeting. Have fun with your style accessorizing to match how you like it!

Dapper Collection – Worn Saddle

The Dapper Collection is one of our premier leather watch bands upgrade the luxury look of your watch. Worn Saddle is one of our most popular bands across the board when it comes to the Dapper Collection. With the brushed gold adapter, it perfectly matches your Aluminum Apple Sport Watch. Check out the brushed gold adapters meant to match your Gold Aluminum Apple Sport Watch Antique White, with our Dapper Collection Leather Bands.

Silicone – Purple

Nothing shows fun with your fitness like a vivid band. With the purple color and Brushed gold adapter they really bring the attention to your watch. Paired together, it makes a great band to use during water sports, exercising, or enjoying the outdoors. Not to mention, the silicone is thick, durable, and has an edged design on the top.

Croco Grain Leather – Navy Blue

The Croco Grain leather watch bands are designed off the pattern style of crocodiles. Using the Leather backing of genuine calf leather, the croco grain is stitched on top, creating a sleek look with your wrist. We like the navy band because of the dark hue that contrasts with warm brushed gold color of the adapter. This will bring an exciting look to your Aluminum Gold Apple Sport Watch.

2-Piece Classic Nato – Electric Blue

NATO straps have been transformed here at Clockwork Synergy. We utilize the same Nylon material for the classic nato straps and have made them into two bands, making it easy to use for your smartwatch! The 2 Piece Classic Nato Bands also come pre-installed in the adapter when you purchase it.

Again, being able to change up your style just got a whole lot easier with Clockwork Synergy Bands for the Apple Watch. The Brushed Gold is perfectly designed to match your Gold Aluminum Apple Sport Watch Antique White. Get yours today!


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