Clockwork Synergy’s 2017 MicroBrand Meetup Recap

Watch Bands

We just had an exciting weekend, as we were able to be a part of the 2nd annual MicroBrand Meetup Watch Show in Washington D.C. It was awesome being able to meet so many great customers, provide giveaways for our followers, and to have the opportunity to share and test out our products in-person. Here is a quick photo-recap of our day!

We were able to showcase our company at the District Architecture Center in the heart of D.C. along with other great brands and collectors. We featured our latest two product launches (our Cordura Collection and 2-Piece RAF NATOs) to allow visitors to see our color options in person, feel the different nylon and leather materials, and test out our Quick-Release pins on their collection. We were also happy to collaborate with Undone Watches so visitors can try out our bands along with their recent Mystique Chronograph line sent to us.

We were excited to see several brands that we have collaborated with, including McDowell Time, TSAO Baltimore, and DC Vintage Watches. These guys were awesome enough to display their watches paired with our bands at this event, with styles including our Classic NATOs, Gentlemen’s Collection, and custom branded bands we were able to create for their brand.

We wanted to thank Loren (The Time Bum) and Bill (McDowell Time) for creating and hosting this MicroBrand event, and for allowing the opportunity many great brands and small businesses to come together to share their passion. Stay updated for a Youtube recap soon as well!

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