Helping Neighbors in Historic Ellicott City

Helping Neighbors in Historic Ellicott City

Picture a small town where a community is more like a family and when help is needed the most, people band together in solidarity to get through the toughest of situations.

Be Strong, #ECSTRONG

About three weeks ago Main Street in Historic Ellicott City was hit by a devastating flash flood.  This flooding destroyed many small businesses, homes, and livelihoods. In a matter of minutes, so many lives were turned upside down.

As a small Mom and Pop shop in Ellicott City ourselves, we wanted to do anything and everything we could to help give back. We found this as our way to help give back to our friends and neighbors in Historic Ellicott City with the area we are all too familiar with, the wrist.

Introducing the #ECSTRONG Silicone Wristband! For just $5 you can purchase our new #ECSTRONG Silicone Wristband with 100% of the proceeds going towards small business owners who have lost so much in such short time. We are covering all costs to make the bands and ship them out, so rest assured that each purchase will send funds directly to those in need. Our focus remains on helping those in Downtown Historic Ellicott City who lost so much.

Meeting with Local Business Owners

As soon as we heard part of Main Street was open to the public, we ventured down to meet with some of the local business owners affected. Currently, Main Street was blocked off past Court Avenue, so we were able to visit The Wine Bin.

Greeted with that small-town friendliness, the employees at the Wine Bin opened their doors to us, recounting how things have been for them through the ordeal and recovery. We spoke with the owner, Dave Carney, the owner of The Wine Bin, about the rebuilding process and shared our plan to help contribute. We learned about the community gatherings that have been occurring with others in their hopes to contribute to the rebuilding process. He talked about the devastation of the flash food with high hopes for the future of Ellicott City to become a thriving small-town shopping and social district again.

True to his nature, our team offered to give him the bands for free but he promptly responded with opening his register and donating money towards our fundraising efforts. Even after so much devastation, he opened his heart to fellow business owners and wanted to continue to help the relief effort.

So please, help us make #ECSTRONG