History of the NATO Watch Strap

The NATO watch strap first caught the public’s attention when Sean Connery’s James Bond wore it in Goldfinger.

Several generations later, this category of military watch straps are popular with young fashionable people. The reasons are simple. First and foremost would be their flexibility. You can interchange the Nato watch strap to easily to match your fashion style of the moment. And young people like the price range of these watches as a fashion statement they can be changed on the go. They can also be fitted to your watch in seconds.

You might think this military style watch strap was made for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops. However, the Nato watch strap was a British invention. The British military chose the nylon weave of this watch strap, for its flexibility and durability. It also holds up to the demanding conditions of the battle field. So no worries about your Nato watch strap getting wet or soiled.

British soldiers had to fill out a G-10 form to get the watch issued to them, so it also came to be known as G-10 watch.This nylon fabric watch strap continued to gain fame and popularity throughout the Cold War. It was such a staple of the British forces, that Sean Connery’s James Bond continued to sport it for several movies.

NATO Watch Strap


When the G-10 was first issued the watch strap only came in “Admiralty Grey.” Now Nato watch straps come in many fashionable colors. Click on the above picture to discover a great variety of these durable and affordable nylon weave watch straps and add them easily to your fashion portfolio with our easy to use online shopping section.

The Nato watch band continues to be one of our most popular styles of watch straps. As economical as it is to acquire, these amazing nylon military style watch straps can be seen on anything from a sensible Timex to expensive Rolexes.

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Rose Colored NATO strap with gold nylon loops

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