Introducing: 2-Piece Perlon Bands

Introducing: 2-Piece Perlon Watch Bands

Woven with genuine European synthetic fibers, we are proud to now offer our popular Perlon material in a 2-piece band, making it usable for not only Traditional watches, but smartwatches as well.

Same Great Quality

Due to the popularity of our NATO-style Perlon straps, we wanted to create a product that would allow more options for more watches.  Built with the same quality material and vibrant colors, we kept the excess-loop effect of a NATO-style strap, but simply separated the strap into two separate pieces.


These bands come with two Perlon keepers (one fixed and one free), heat sealed ends, and your option to choose from several different buckle colors.  Lightweight, waterproof, and flexible, the material allows you to choose your buckle hole to exactly where you need it to be. With the versatility of these bands, they make the perfect choice for any sort of upcoming event.