Introducing: 2-Piece RAF with Quick-Release Pins

We are proud to announce our latest watch band line for the summer…a revision on a classic!  Not only can you now purchase RAF NATO’s in a 2-piece version, but they come with new features that none of our past nylon bands have had!

Clockwork Synergy 2-piece RAF new NATOs with Quick-Release Pins logo

Upgrading the RAF NATO

Still made with our quality nylon materials, these bands have the same items as our current RAF 1-piece NATO line.  We now have the addition of thicker material (instead of 1.25mm thickness, it is now 2.25mm) as well as premium stitching all along the edge of the band.  The now-movable nylon keeper is heat-sealed rather than stitched, to ensure zero chaffing on your wrist.

Our First NATO with Quick-Release Pins

We are very thrilled to finally be able to offer quick-release pins to a nylon strap line!  Our customers rave about the ease and convenience of our Dapper and Gentlemen’s Collections due to these little pins, so we decided to expand your options!

Buckle Customization

These RAF’s are our first nylon NATO collection where you have the option to choose whatever buckle finish you would like, as you are not restricted by a metal fixed keeper like our 1-piece RAF NATO’s! Unlike the 1-piece as well, these new bands have an unfixed loop keeper, ensuring it fits just to your liking!

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