Introducing the Gentlemen’s Collection

The Gentlemen’s Collection

This Fall, we are proud to release our newly designed watch bands: The Gentlemen’s Collection. This collection features our client’s past favorite leather choices, and were then redesigned with enhanced features which any true Gentlemen will appreciate.

Flexibility & Comfort

Our premium leathers are stiff enough for strong support, yet flexible enough to remain comfortable and snug.

Quick-Release Pins

The Gentlemen’s Collection comes standard with convenient quick-release pins, as well as customizable premium buckles.


Lovers of our Dapper Collection will recognize that while there are similar leather choices, this collection includes a cushioned insert, as well as sturdy stitching all along the edges.

Classic Design

For the aesthetically-inclined, this collection was created with the idea that you can sport a sophisticated addition to your wardrobe while remaining trendy.

For All Watches

Whether you own a Smartwatch, Traditional, or both, the Gentlemen’s Collection easily fits the two.