Introducing our Marketing Manager: Jen (Meet the Team)

This month we are excited to feature our colorful and outgoing Marketing Manager: Jen! She brings a special energy to the office, and you can definitely say she is a “Jack of all Trades”. When she’s not behind a camera you will find her accomplishing marketing goals, ensuring that our products are available online for customers, & practicing her yoga or dance moves in the office.

1.  Tell us a few details about yourself!

Hi! I’m Jen! People tend to tell me I’m very dynamic and get hyper-focused when I immerse myself in a project until that task is complete, which is very true. That’s why I like listening to music while working because it helps me stay on track. I’m very energetic and always moving! Yoga is a big part of my life because it helps me stay calm under pressure and helps me build my skills in mental clarity, focus, and decision making.  We have free yoga for the employees here at CWS (Clockwork Synergy) where I teach my teammates at Main Street Yoga in Ellicott City! Outside of the CWS family I am a yoga teacher, photographer, artist, and often a host for yoga-related events!

2.  Tell us about your role here at Clockwork Synergy!

I am the Marketing Manager and I primarily oversee that our products are listed accurately online (starting from photography to creation of the listing to the final product listing online) and manage our affiliate program. I am cross trained in the other departments as well, and will handle inventory, customer service, fulfillment, social media, and other data entry as needed!

3.  What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love working in a collaborative environment! Before I worked ay CWS, I was a freelance artist and writer for five years. I worked alone mostly and although I do enjoy working in this field, I found working with a creative team was more fun & productive for my workflow.

4.  What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy rock climbing (indoor and outdoor), grappling, hiking, creating art (whether that be drawing, photography, graphic design, etc.) , playing video games, and hanging out with friends.  I also love watching anime (currently re-watching Naruto Shippuden and staying caught up on RWBY, Twin Star Exorcists, and Attack on Titan!)

5.  What is something you would love to accomplish within the next few years?

I would love to teach more yoga outside of Maryland and travel overseas to Japan, India, Europe…and more!

6.  Describe yourself in one word

“Jen”-uine! (Get it?! I love puns!)

7.  Favorite Food?

I love fatty salmon nigiri sushi!

Anything with salmon, I always love.

8.  Latest Netflix binge?

St. Clarita Diet and iZombie

9.  First CWS product you owned?

A Red Silicone Band

If you are interested in learning more about what Jen does, reach out to her through her Youtube channel.  She is always looking to meet &  collaborate with new creatives regarding photography, design, or yoga!

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