Here at Clockwork Synergy, we like to supply watch purveyors with the best straps. Today, we are excited to launch our Carbon Fiber straps, with 100% carbon fiber materials from a company right here in the United States. These straps can be used with your favorite watches, thanks to the quick release pins, as well as Apple Watches.


Carbon Fiber has a high heat tolerance and our specific strap has been covered with a matte finish to give it that soft leather feel. The strap is made with Carbon Fiber material on the outside, making the outside of the band waterproof, so you can feel safe wearing it out in rainy weather. The inside of the band* is made with a genuine leather strap, that with wear ages beautifully.

 *The inside of the band is not waterproof.


Carbon Fiber is one of the toughest materials out there. It is known to be stronger than steel, but also much lighter. These materials first appeared in lightbulb filaments. It is even combined with materials to make bulletproof clothing. It’s tough, durable, soft, long-lasting, and fashionable.


The materials used to make this watch band are from a company within the United States. This guarantees your straps are made with 100% true carbon fibers, with a genuine leather interior for your comfort.


The straps themselves are black as traditionally found with carbon fiber, but you have your choice of five colors for the stitching to express your personal style.


Straps are available for your favorite watches! Add adapters and your Apple Watch will work, too. Quick release makes this easy to adjust and swap your favorite straps to fit your style.