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2 piece seat belt nato header


Introducing Our Newest Addition to the NATO Family

available in three different styles

We are so excited to bring our newest addition to the NATO Family of Watch Bands and Watch Straps here at Clockwork Synergy: Seat Belt.

These new straps are smooth to the touch, with double reflective lines on both solid and striped styles. Reinforced stitching, heat sealed ends, and strength to last a long wear time. Check out each version of this material in our collection and find your favorite strap or watch band, today!


2 piece seat belt nato watch bands

Combine NATO style with quick release functionality

1 piece seat belt nato straps

Classic Style NATO Strap with metal keepers

seat belt nato for apple watch

Easy to use for Apple Watch installation


The reflective material of seat belt combined with that soft feel, keeping your watch safe and you on time for life’s important events.

2 piece seat belt nato


Length: 120mm/80mm
Sizes(mm): 18, 20, 22
Thickness: 2.2mm
Keepers: Fabric

1 piece seat belt nato


Length: 270mm
Thickness: 1mm
Hardware: Stainless Steel

match your style to your life

From weekend adventures to hitting the daily grind, find that durability

2 piece seat belt nato for apple watch

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-5

Available in multiple hardware options


Easy install and use of our bands to secure your watch.

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