Introducing: the New Cordura ® Collection

We are proud to introduce an entirely new line of bands: the Cordura ® Collection.   We took special steps to ensure that we provide 100% authentic Cordura fabrics for this line, and is combined with several upgrades.


We worked closely with certified manufacturers to be able to provide a vibrant and durable fabric under the official CORDURA ® name for this line. Cordura® is known for their high tenacity nylon fibers, creating the look and comfort of traditional canvas, but is built to keep wear and tear at bay.


This is the only watch band line we currently off that has fabrics combined with genuine leather. Specially treated to create an incredibly soft finish, the leather underside is a very thin layer. This provides a soft cushion against your wrist but allows the band to remain flexible


With these new bands, we knew that including Quick-Release Pins were a must. There are two rows of stitching with thread to match the Cordura® fabric. This same stitching also lines the entire band. We knew we wanted fabric keepers, so we adjusted the keeper design to best work with Cordura®. And of course, since we were able to bring in straps from this new fabric, we are able to offer a few new colors as well that you cannot find in any of our other Nylon collections.

In celebration of this new collection, we are offering our first 50 customers who purchase one of our new Cordura ® + leather watch bands 25% off their order! This coupon code will cut off once it has been used 50 times, so hurry and take advantage of this great deal while you can! Keep an eye out for our #freestrapfriday contest on Social Media on September 15th for a chance to win a band as well!