Ladies Picks: Feminine Watch Bands with Quick-Release Pins

Watch Bands

This week, we decided to present a “Lady Picks” feature, sharing some strap favorites from our employee, Lindsey. While our customers are predominantly male, we wanted to demonstrate that our products are for everyone, and thought we would showcase our bands in a more feminine setting. We followed Lindsey through a day in Fell’s Point, Baltimore, to hear about her favorite styles of watch bands (which feature Quick-Release Pins) and be able to see them in action.

Early Morning Ride

“Using watch bands with Quick-Release Pins allows me to swap out my straps easily, without the use of watch tools. This makes it easy to create my outfit before heading out each morning!”

Running Errands

“Having quick-release pins on a silicone band is a great option for me. Because they are waterproof, I don’t need to worry about being too warm outside and possible wearing out a strap from perspiration.”

A Late Lunch

“Whether after running errands or having a morning workout, I love having a few timeless straps to switch into when heading out to work, or meeting friends for lunch. The Lizard Grain is one of my personal favorites!”

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