New 2-Piece Classic NATO Band Sizes

New 24mm Bands Now in Stock

Clockwork Synergy is very happy to announce the new sizes available for the very popular 2-piece classic NATO! Twenty (20) bands are now available in 24mm size. This makes it compatible for those sporting the Apple Watch 42mm. Summer is a great time to use the nylon 2 piece classic NATO Watch bands. They are lightweight and very comfortable on the wrist, making it great for that hot summer heat! Ready to find out more? Check out our 2 Piece Classic Nato Section.

More Bands for your 42mm Apple Watch

We received a tremendous amount of feedback from our initial launch (December 2015)of the 2-piece classic NATO for the apple smart watch. Primarily, we had the majority of the sizes available for the 38mm Apple Watch. As the popularity grew for having a great NATO feel to your smartwatch, so did your options. Check out the full line up here in our 2 Piece Classic Nato Watch Bands for Apple Watch.

We love hearing feedback from others. This was not possible without the support of our customers spreading the word and tagging us online to see how everyone is enjoying the bands. Drop us a line of what you would love to see next!

24mm Added for:
  • Black & Orange
  • Black/Tan/Navy/Red
  • Navy & Green
  • Navy & Orange
  • Black/Grey/Orange
  • Black/Grey/Red
  • White/Navy/Red
  • Brown/Tan/Green/Red
  • Orange/Grey/Black
  • Navy & Pink
  • Ducati Black & Grey
  • Ducati Black & Red
  • Ducati Black & Sky
  • Grey/Black/White
  • Navy & Grey
  • Blue/Red/White
  • Light Blue/Black/Orange
  • Anchor Navy & Red
  • Brown
  • Electric Blue
General Guidelines of Care for Your NATO

Keeping in mind with the NATO Watch band tradition, these NATO bands are made of nylon and are able to be cleaned at home. To do so, please use a diluted hand safe soap mixed with water and lightly use fingers to massage into nylon strap. (make sure you disconnect your watch from the strap first!). Then run the strap under cool water to rinse out the excess soap for a minute or two. After this, allow the straps to dry in a room comfortable setting, laying them flat on a paper towel or dishcloth. Make sure not to cut the NATO strap as it will cause fraying of the fibers.

With all our NATO straps we offer a one year warranty (as long no alterations or damages have occurred to the strap).

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