Pebble & Clockwork Synergy Working Together

In our last blog entry, we alluded to the fact that our very own Clockwork Synergy replacement watch straps were being sold as a companion product to Pebble smartwatches at Best Buy stores all over the country.  We’re really REALLY proud of it!  Can you tell?

As it turns out, we were so excited to tell everyone that we neglected a few of the details! Not to worry:  Here’s the skinny on how you can “instantly add a little class to your wardrobe” by customizing your cutting-edge Pebble smartwatch with a Clockwork Synergy replacement watch strap.

As it stands today, Clockwork Synergy replacement watch straps are sitting alongside Pebble smartwatches in more than 1400 Best Buy stores nationwide.  More than 400 of these stores are right in your favorite local shopping mall.  That means you can walk right up and buy 2014’s coolest new gadget AND choose from an assortment of our straps to give it your own personal touch.  Our in-store Best Buy displays feature 6 different color combinations of our very popular 22mm “Classic”-style nylon replacement watch strap.  Want to be even more unique in the personal touch you add to your Pebble?  Our online store at features over 30 color combinations, all of which can attach to your Pebble in a few easy steps.  Still not satisfied with the selection?  Building a collection so that you can interchange straps for different occasions?  Our very own Clockwork Synergy online Pebble bands catalog features more than 400 different color combinations – sure to satisfy even the most discerning of customers.

Best of all, Clockwork Synergy is an official companion product endorsed by Pebble themselves!  That being the case, you can be sure that your Clockwork Synergy strap will be compatible with your Pebble watch.

We’re very excited to have Pebble’s endorsement as a companion product because it means that both of our companies can focus on the things they do best.  It wouldn’t be fair to say that Pebble gave no thought to their straps when they began manufacturing their watches, but at the end of the day, they are in the business of hardware and software.  We are in the business of making sure your cutting-edge hardware is securely fastened to your wrist in a way that shows off your personal fashion style.  It’s a match made in timepiece heaven.

So next time you’re out shopping at your local mall, check out our Clockwork Synergy displays right next to the Pebble smartwatch displays.  You’ll see first-hand that our products’ quality is second to none and that they match beautifully with your Pebble.  For our internet shoppers, check out the video below to see how seamlessly our straps attach to a Pebble smartwatch:

Clockwork Synergy Straps on Your Pebble Smartwatch

As you can see, our products are perfect for any type of lifestyle, from the business executive to the weekend warrior – and everything in between.  So get out there, where your personality on your wrist, and “instantly add a little class to your wardrobe” with Clockwork Synergy replacement watch straps.

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