Looking for an Authentic Perlon Strap?

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A New Addition to our NATO Family

Clockwork Synergy is proud to announce the arrival of their newest addition to the collection: the authentic Perlon Strapby Clockwork Synergy. We are always working to improve our product line and bring the best quality to our customers, they deserve it. With this commitment to our customers and product history, these Perlon watch straps meet and exceed our expectations.

What Makes our Straps Unique

Currently, we have 15 solid colors to choose from, and five different buckle choices available. These braided Perlon watch straps are custom made with our upgraded buckle included with each strap. In addition to this design made specifically for Clockwork Synergy, these straps are all made and imported from Europe. An upgraded design has been implemented for the keepers of these straps, with one fixed keeper at the top of the strap, and one adjustable keeper to fit most wrist sizes. This can help with no longer needing to do a tuck back of the excess strap, as the keeper is able to slide to any position along the strap.

The material used for our Perlon watch straps are Perlon threading and sometimes confused with Nato Nylon thread. They are indeed different types of thread to create a Perlon. You will get the comfort of a thinner material, creating better breathability for your wrist, yet still the durable Watch Straps you have known to receive from us at Clockwork Synergy.

Currently, we offer sizes in 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm. Also, we have the following five buckle options: Stainless Steel, Brushed Steel, PVD Black, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold. As with our current policy, free shipping will be given for all watch strap orders to the US, making it even easier to receive your Perlon® strap promptly.

What is Perlon?

Perlon (Nylon 6) is a synthetic nylon invented by German chemist Dr. Paul Schlack at I.G.-Farben in January of 1938. The material itself is a polyamide produced from caprolactam.

“This is one of the most common forms of nylon that is used in production. This nylon is very easy to dye and is very much resistant to impact. It also absorbs moisture quickly and is highly elastic in nature and also has elasticity recovery properties.”

Polyamide fabric

The Perlon watch band is known for its lightweight tightly woven pattern which offers quite a bit of comfort to your wrist. The material is a synthetic Nylon, which makes for a very durable band. It offers extremely flexible options for adjusting to your wrist by pushing the buckle prong through any of the infinite notches! Part of the desirability of this product is how it is, while also offering increased comfort & durability!

Ready to take the plunge? Perhaps it’s time to see for yourself how great the authentic Perlon strap is!

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