Popular Watch Band Styles

The Traditional & Sophisticated Look

Clockwork Synergy  is always, always, always (Yes, we thought we’d add that word in three times to reiterate our point) trying to please it’s customers (You guys and gals) with our unique, popular watch bands and straps. We know that when it comes to fashion, ladies and gentleman want to be noticed. And how can you be noticed? By wearing the most up-to-date, classy, stylish, and hip wardrobe you can find. Whether it’s finding those famous pants that one celebrity wore (Anyone suddenly think of Robin Thicke and the black and white striped pants? Just a side note: We have an awesome Premium Silicone Black & White band that will match perfectly with those pants! Just sayin‘…) or hitting up the local thrift shop to find those old vintage jackets that are suddenly in, we all search long and hard to be noticed for our style. And who doesn’t want to be noticed? Who doesn’t want to be complimented? We all do. We all are individuals and fashion is no different. That is why, here at Clockwork Synergy , we make sure that you know that you are an individual. We help create an image for each individual that screams uniqueness. Whether you want to be known as fun, adventurous, traditional, laid-back, funky, or family oriented, whatever trait you are trying to get across through your fashion, we most certainly (100%) will make it happen. We guarantee it.

For the sophisticated and traditional look (this look is always in style, let’s be honest!), we have our Quick Release nylon nato straps. These bands come in a variety of colors (including but not limited to your solid whites, blacks, browns, khakis, oranges, and reds) to your fun striped colors (Black & Grey, Navy Blue & Red, Navy Blue & Orange, & More!). If you are out sailing and want to match the fun sport, our Navy Blue & White classic NATO is sure to show off your sleek, sailor style.

Or if you are gearing up for an awesome, over-the-top party and want to stand out from the crowd, try our rainbow colors (Available in shades of Blue, Orange, & Pink). Those are sure to get people’s attention and spice up an otherwise plain outfit! And who doesn’t like rainbows? I mean, really? Rainbows are awesome. And so are you. Put them together and you are set!

Try New Silicone Bands

Now, if you are thinking, “What else is popular?” or “I want something a bit different then that”, not to worry! We have loads and loads of new, popular watch bands. One of the latest trends today are our Premium Silicone interchangeable watch straps. Each one is 100% silicone and extremely cool and comfortable to wear. And they come in fun and exciting colors too! These popular watch bands are sure to stir up some buzz and get your friends, family and even strangers talking about how awesome your watch straps are (not to mention how awesome you are, of course).

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