Raketa “Glasnost” Watch Review (Past Timepieces)

Past Timepieces: 1980s Raketa “Glasnost” Monthly Watch Review

Over the past few years, the vintage market has really taken off.  More people than ever are on the search for unique and timeless pieces to pair with their wardrobe.  A great choice, especially for Russian history lovers, is the 1980s Raketa “Glasnost” Manual Watch.


During the late 1980s, Russian fashion exploded with popularity in Italy.  This time period boosted growth for Russia’s oldest factory, Petrodvorets Watch Factory, located in St. Petersburg.  Named in honor of the first human in space, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagaruin, the Raketa (rocket) timepiece was created.

This manual watch features a retro-style red and white dial overlaid with plexiglas crystal, complete with hour, minute, and second hands.  A stainless steel barrel-shaped case and back further compliment the unique watch face.  In Russian text the watch face says “Glasnost” (Openness) and “Perestroyka” (Reform) circling the watch hands, and this look quickly made this watch popular in the United States.  Upon demand, Petrodvorets Watch Factory ended up producing over 4.5 million watches each year.

The Rakera “Glasnost” was one of Russia’s most durable and reliable watches of its time.  It was even typical to nickname them the watch equivalent of an AK-47.

Our 1980s Raketa Manual watch is paired with out 18mm Grey Premium NATO strap, a Sand Perlon strap, a Vintage Saddle Gentlemen’s Collection Band, and a Bomber Auburn Gentlemen’s Collection Band.  All straps have stainless steel hardware to complement the caseback and crown.