Daluca Watch bands on SALE in 3 different leather styles with unique buckle colors for selection at Clockwork Synergy (Watch Strap provider)

High Quality Leather DaLuca Watch Bands

Now is the time to visit our store and buy high-quality leather watch bands made by DaLuca® at an amazing discounted price! Lowering costs to nearly 30% of the original price ($144.00) does NOT happen every day, so make sure you wander over to our online shop and have a look at these amazing watch bands ($99.95) before there are none left!

DaLuca Worn Light Brown Vintage Leather Watch Bands Clockwork Synergy

Currently, we have three colors to choose from within the shop: Saddle, Worn Light Brown, andBlue DaLuca® leather bands. When we originally were giving consideration towards offering these amazing “Handmade in USA”  leather bands, there was no better place to get our product from than DaLuca® bands themselves!

Their brand speaks for itself, widely known for their high-quality leather watch bands (hand-made and hand-stitched: no machines). With a length of 140mm/80mm and thickness of 2mm, these are the perfect size for any wrist: not too heavy or cumbersome. At the Clockwork Synergy web-store, we have chosen to attach our authentic stainless steel buckles (offered in 5 different colors) to make the perfect set of watch bands for any enthusiast who cares about who made the product that holds their timepiece.

We wish this could be an ongoing offer for the watch community, but we all known it must come to an inevitable end… so make sure to give yourself the opportunity to buy these DaLuca® bands before they are all sold out (sale currently ongoing)!

All Color Variations for Daluca Leather Watch Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle Clockwork Synergy


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