Introducing Natalie (Meet the Team)

For those of you who have been Clockwork Synergy fans for some time, there is a chance you may have talked with our #1 girl in Customer Service: Natalie.  Having been with the company for years, she knows many loyal customers by name, plays a key role in making sure the office runs smoothly, and knows the products like the back of her hand.  We hung out with Natalie this week so she could share with us a little bit about herself and her daily routine.

Tell us a few details about yourself!

Hey! I’m Natalie. I am head of customer service here at Clockwork Synergy, run a LuLaRoe business, and a mother to a 4 yr-old daughter (and a 25 yr-old husband if you count that)! I originally hail from Minnesota, but ended up moving to Hawaii for a few years. I currently reside in Maryland, but plan on moving back to Hawaii where my heart stayed.  Other than having fun with my family and friends, in my free time I love to read (any and all books!), watching football (GO VIKINGS!) and running my LuLaRoe business (I love wearing LuLaRoe to work every day!).

What is your role here at Clockwork Synergy?

My main task here is Customer Relations.  Whether people contact me regarding their shipments, handling returns, or even giving strap recommendations based on their specific watch, I make sure all our customers are happy and are well taken care of.

I am also the resident DJ in the office, and ensure we hear a little bit of Bruno Mars and Miranda Lambert every day. And I do all this while wearing my awesome Ninja Turtle slippers!

What’s your favorite part about your job?

The people.  I love connecting with others and really getting to know our customers on a more personal level.  With technology nowadays, it’s getting harder to establish a true connection with those around you.

What is something you would love to accomplish within the next few years?

Like I said, my heart now belongs to Hawaii.  I would love to buy a house there. My next goal after that is getting into med school!

Describe yourself in one word


Natalie's Pineapple Planner

Favorite Food?

Sushi! As long as it’s raw or still moving – I’m in!

Natalie's Favorite Food

Latest Netflix binge?

My Little Pony (thanks to my daughter!)

Natalie Netflix Clockwork Synergy

First Clockwork Synergy product you owned

Ocean Croco

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