Support Your Country with Watch Straps

Red, White, & Blue Straps to Support America

Everyone always gets excited for the end of May. The weather is getting warmer and warmer; summer feels as if it’s just within arm’s reach, and of course Memorial Day weekend comes along. Memorial Day weekend usually signifies the beginning of summer; people start vacationing, swimming pools finally open up after their long stint away, and good old-fashioned American cook outs out back become the norm. Although all of these events surely will put a smile on your face (we are already beaming from cheek to cheek), we have to take a step back and remember what Memorial Day weekend truly represents; it is a salute to our past, present and future troops who are risking their lives everyday for the pursuit of happiness for all of America and it’s citizens. Memorial Day weekend is a chance to show our pride, remember what America stands for, and honor those who have given their lives to keeping our country free. You probably weren’t expecting this post to be so serious; don’t worry, we will keep it light! We just wanted to reiterate how much we care about this holiday. With that being said….before we go into our different options, we are offering a 15% discount on all watch straps for Memorial Day!

If you really want to show your pride to your friends and family, but aren’t sure how, the first step is to look the part! This is very simple and shows others you took the time to wear the colors that mean so much to you and represent what this weekend stands for. So how do you do this? Wear any Red, White, and Blue colors! What’s great about Clockwork Synergy is that we have not only numerous colors (including red, white, and blue), but we have specific straps geared toward and perfect for this holiday (And I bet you can use them for July 4th too!).

We have our signature Nato Nylon striped Red, White, and Blue Watch strap. This will pair great with any three of those colors you choose to wear it with (as well as your standard solids such as Black and Khaki). We also have solids red, white, and blue in case you aren’t into stripes. In addition, we carry the Red, White & Blue in our Premium Nylon Nato watch straps.  Premium straps offer stitching (in addition to being heat welded) for extra protection. They are also a little bit thicker then your standard Nato watch straps.

If you are looking for something outside of the traditional Nato nylons, we also carry Red, White & Blue straps in our Urbans. We offer Urbans in 3 or 5-rings, which, unlike the square-end buckles on normal Nato straps, have rounded buckles that will make your watch look more modern and perhaps add a bit something to your outfit.

Both of our styles, Nato & Urban nylons, also come in PVD black hardware. So, if you decide you want something a bit darker, perhaps for an evening cook-out or event, try the Premium PVD black hardware. We assure you; you won’t be disappointed. If anything, you’ll be jumping for joy when people notice how awesome and patriotic your watch strap looks! We also offer the Nato nylons with gold buckles for those of you who really like to venture off the beaten path! No matter which style you choose, the important thing is that you are making an effort to show off those amazing Red, White & Blues! And if you want to see how awesome these colors look on our customers, check out our Instagram here 🙂 We wish you a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! ( Don’t forget to type in our Discount Code at check out!)

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