Closer Look: The Classic NATO Watch Strap

The Classic Nato

Whether you are looking to add some interest to your workweek outfit, relaxing at your local coffee shop, or hanging out with friends for drinks, the Classic Nato Watch Strap is not only durable and easy to use, it also adds an extra touch of class to your everyday life.


“Having watch straps that I can change in seconds makes enhancing a conservative wardrobe effortless each morning.”

The timeless design of a Classic Nato watch strap is a crowd favorite.  It’s minimalistic hardware doesn’t distract from the strap design or watch, yet it is incredibly durable for any occasion.  With so many color choices and patterns to choose from, you will always find one to compliment any outfit.



“It’s hard to find a watch band that is durable yet really comfortable.  My Classic Nato is a perfect combo of the two.”

A great choice for daily activities, the Classic Nato is flexible, making it comfortable for when your wrist may get sweaty from playing in a competitive sport or powering through your daily workout.




“The material of Nato straps gives me peace of mind. Knowing that whatever adventure my day holds, I have no worry of damaging or tearing, all without sacrificing style.”


Woven with Ballistic Nylon material, this style of strap was created with the intention of being known for it’s strength, durability, and resistance against fraying.  With it’s ability to withstand water and sweat, the vibrancy of the colors continue to hold up over time, ensuring that it will be enjoyed for many years to come.