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Last week we talked about one of our finest traditional watch bands – The Daluca handmade watch bands. In this article we will explore some of our other traditional watch bands.

Click here to check out the sales on these genuine suede  leather finish watch straps
 that can dress up your timepiece. These watch bands are among the finest we ever offered. They are not only fashionable, but convenient too with their speed pins that can be used with watches that require a screw in pin.

The three above watch bands are from our traditional suede leather watch band collection. As usual, we offer diverse finishes in this collection. You can choose from buffalo brown for the ultimate traditional look, or a midnight blue to get you in the mood for a late night on the town, or an Autumn brown leather watch band strap with a subtle warm feel to it. We also feature a black suede watch strap.

Of course no offerings of traditional watch bands from Clockwork Synergy would be complete without offering traditional Nato watch bands. The Nato watch strap pictured above represents the ultimate in military tradition with its desert khaki finish. Check out the page with all the traditional choices to avail yourself to everything from khaki to olive brown to navy blue.

They are on sale and made of a heavy nylon for durability. These premium Nato watch straps are made with heat sealed stitching, making them an extra durable choice in military style watch straps. They will fit a Panerai or any other watch that requires a standard end strap. These watch straps come in sizes from 18mm-26mm. Each of these Nato watch straps comes with a 100% stainless steel buckle.

We also have on sale, the Clockwork Synergy rally racing 3-hole vintage traditional replacement leather watch bands. They are made from 100% genuine leather with a vintage leather finish. With these watch bands you get the best of both worlds – durability and comfort. And you have five buckle finishes and four leather colors to choose from, giving a wide fashion choice with these beautiful and practical watch straps.


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