Why Use Quick Release Bands?

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Why are Quick Release Bands Becoming Popular?

Watches and watch bands have a long history of using traditional speed pins to secure the strap into place. These pins have a built-in spring which requires a tool to push down on the pin at the grooved tips such that the bands will become unattached from the watch face. As one might imagine, this proves rather troublesome without the appropriate watch tool or even worse, if the spring bar has become difficult to push down! Advances in technology for the watch community prompted a new design for something more economical and user-friendly that could be embraced by watch enthusiasts everywhere.

Most of our watch bands have built-in quick release pins for a speedy attachment to your timepiece. These tiny steel bars have knobs offering more control, allowing watch owners the ease of pulling back on a steel knob, which in turn pulls the spring pin ends out of the watch face. This is a far easier process for changing watch bands! A process that only has to take a few short seconds! And on top of this, built-in quick release pins imply no more searching for accessories that are compatible with YOUR watch bands… because the strap has that technology!

Quick Release vs. Traditional Pins:

Here at Clockwork Synergy, we have added to our collection with the quick release bands. We feel that changing out your band should not be a chore. Enjoy the process of giving your watch a different style, at any time! If you check out the Quick Release watch bands we offer, you’ll see a diverse set of bands with pre-installed quick-release pins. No tools are necessary (other than your hands).

In 2006, we were proud to be part of those who sold straps with built-in quick-release pins. We had to meet the demands of watch enthusiasts everywhere by shortening the time spent switching straps and bands. an incredible achievement! The philosophy held at Clockwork Synergy is one which states changing your straps and bands should NOT be a difficult task.

…but rather, let it be a fun process, and allow yourself to choose from over 170 quick release bands currently held in stock!

How to Change a Watch Band with Traditional Speed Pins

Step 1

In order to remove a traditional watch band, you must own a watch tool or anything flat (such as a butter knife from your kitchen). We do have watch tools for sale if interested.

Step 2

After turning your strap upside down, slide your flat end in until it touches the Traditional spring pin.

Step 3

Push the pin away from the lug, activating the spring inside the pin to remove the strap.

Step 4

Repeat on other end for full removal!

How to Change a Watch Band with Quick Release Pins

Step 1

One of the easiest straps to install! No tools required.

Step 2

Flipping the watch over, slide in left side of pin, into pin hole.

Step 3

Pull back quick release pin and line up with the right side of the watch face. Release the tripper allowing pin to tightly secure to watch.

Step 4

Repeat step 2 and 3 for other end of strap and enjoy your new strap!

Now you really can “Instantly Add A Little Class to Your Wardrobe.


Enjoyed reading this? Have any questions? Drop us a line through our sales department if you can offer up any suggestions on how else we can improve the watch straps and bands sold to watch enthusiasts everywhere!

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