Best Chambray Watch Bands at Clockwork Synergy

Chambray Watch Bands at Clockwork Synergy

Best Chambray Watch Bands at Clockwork Synergy

Clockwork Synergy Watch Straps go Mainstream!

Employees and friends of the company were delighted to learn that a few weeks ago the well-known fashion & lifestyle magazine, Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ) saw fit to showcase Clockwork Synergy Products in a spread on men’s fashion features.

This particular article from the April 2013 issue spoke of chambray (“denim’s lightweight cousin,”) as a staple in men’s fashion.  In the past Chambray has been reserved for blue-collar workers because of its durable, lightweight properties.  A commodity in the construction industry (among other trades) due to the blue jean style.

A recent trend saw chambray evolve into a more versatile fabric, asserting itself as a major player.  This fabric also excels in more formal settings.  More recently this versatile material has transitioned from simple buttoned work shirts to a whole array of men’s fashion accessories.

“The Chambray Look is Here To Stay.”

As the GQ feature explains, many fashion critics thought that the chambray look would be a minor blip on men’s fashion radar when it re-emerged a few years ago.  In reality, demand for chambray has endured to the point where the texture is being used in some other applications (such as in hats, messenger bags, neckties, shoes, and you named it… Watch Straps).

Over the last few years, Clockwork Synergy’s Blue Chambray Watch Straps have been rising in demand. Even alternate products such as our Black Chambray Watch Bands have done well amongst our customers who want a more rugged, versatile look.

Now with the wonderful spread about our product line in GQ, Chambray Watch Bands have been flying off shelves.  We are grateful that such a grounded authority on men’s fashion has given such a ringing endorsement for our product!

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