Best Apple Watch and Apple Watch Bands: For Formal & Casual Outfit

Apple Watch Bands

The Apple Watch is one of the biggest things that happened in the 21st century. From the first day of its launch, people are still very much hyped about it. Along with the technology, the Apple watch also killed fashion. But when it comes to fashion, Apple watch bands or watch straps play the most important role. If you are a fashion enthusiast then you have the advantage of changing Apple watch band as per your outfit.

The Apple company officially launched their first Apple watch variant known as Apple Watch Series 1, in 2015. With the change of time, Apple updated their watch, added some of the coolest features, and released so many variants of it. But like always, they kept their base design model. Now, you might be wondering how can a base variant design still rule fashion right? Well, as we mentioned above, it is the apple watch straps that have been ruling out the fashion industry since 2015. In this article, we will see ins and outs about the Apple watch and of course about the Apple watch bands or watch straps.

Now let’s learn about some of the features of the Apple watch and it’s series.

Apple watch Series and Features

We all know what the Apple watch is and when it was first introduced to the world. We are here to get acknowledged with the series of the Apple watches and also with the features.

In general, An Apple watch incorporates fitness tracking, wireless telecommunication, and health-oriented capabilities. The Apple Watch integrates with iOS and other Apple products or services. Now let’s talk about the specifications.

Apple Watch Design

The design of the Apple watch is actually the talk of the market. Each series of the Apple watch offers you multiple variants. These variants are distinguished by casing, size, material and color. The Apple watch was highlighted through 3 collections whereas the case was made out of different materials.

For instance:
  • The Apple Watch Sport (Aluminium Case)
  • Apple Watch (Stainless Steel Case)
  • Apple Watch Edition (18kt gold Casing)

The basic design model of the Apple watch is a small box shaped watch dial. The size of the dial varies from series to series. The size of the dial is from 38mm to 44mm.

Apple Watch Hardware

When it comes to hardware, there is no hesitation about the quality. Because The Apple company always provides superior quality of hardware. Now let’s look upon the hardware as per the series. But we will no longer highlight the hardware of Apple watch series 1 and 2. Because they are discontinued in production.

Apple Watch Series 3
  • Faster processor (The dual core S3)
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Built in altimeter for measuring flights of stairs climbed.
  • Increased RAM size.
  • LTE Cellular connectivity.
  • SIRI
Apple Watch Series 4
  • Larger Display with thinner bezels and rounded corners.
  • Rounder and thinner chassis.
  • 64-bit dual-core processor.
  • 16 GB storage.
  • Heart sensor, ECG
  • Watch face customization.
  • Emergency call service (SOS)
  • Improved call quality
Apple Watch Series 5
  • Always-on Display
  • Storage of 32 GB.
  • Energy-efficient S5 processor.
  • Energy-saving LTPO OLED screen.
  • Refresh rate as low as once per second.
  • Electrocardiogram app, Sleep monitor
  • International emergency call (Over 150 countries)
  • Improved ambient light sensor.
  • Magnetometer, compass function.
Apple Watch Series 6 & SE
  • S6 Processor (20% faster than S4 and S5 Series)
  • Brighter and Always-on display.
  • Blood oxygen App.
  • Always-on altimeter
  • Upgraded 3rd generation optical heart rate sensor.
  • 2nd gen optical heart rate sensor.

These are the hardware layouts of each of the series of the Apple watch. Now let’s learn about the software of the Apple watch.

Apple Watch Software

Just like the superior hardwares, The Apple Company is very renowned in the software industry as well. The Apple watch runs watchOS. The interface of watchOS is designed around a home screen with circular app icons.

The Apple watch operating software is capable of receiving messages, calls and notifications, paired with an iphone.In the recent series of the Apple watch, users may find the SIRI in their Apple watches for voice commands.

The default apps of the Apple watch are designed to interact with the iOS associates. For instance: mail, phone, calendar, messages, maps, music, photos, reminders, and other associates. From series 3 to series 6, the Apple watch comes out with the latest watchOS 4.0 to watchOS 7.0

Apple Watch Bands

Apple watch bands or Apple watch straps play an important role in fashion and look. The Apple watch always comes up with its signature look in the dial. A beautiful-looking watchband can enhance the beauty of your Apple watch. There are some trendy and beautiful-looking straps out in the market. We are highlighting all the popular Apple watch bands down below:

These are the most popular and best in quality Apple Watch Bands that you can use to enhance your watch’s look.

Best Apple Watch Bands: For Formal & Casual Outfit

One of the biggest advantages of using an Apple watch is, you can use the watch with any sort of outfit you want. Let’s say, you have a program ahead of you and you are planning to put on a formal outfit. Well, an Apple watch got you covered when it comes to an accessory.

The Apple Watch just suits all types of clothing and is an all-season watch. But, the watch bands are the things, which change the total look of the watch. You can switch between the watch bands according to your need. Now let’s distinguish between the watch bands to formal and casual outfits.

Changing Apple Watch Band: For Formal Outfit

  • Lizard Leather Bands
  • Gentlemen’s Collection
  • Dapper Watch Bands
  • Croco Leather Bands
  • Rally Leather Bands
  • Classic NATO Straps
  • Waffle Rubber Bands

Changing Apple Watch Band: For Casual Outfit

  • Solid Silicone Bands
  • 2 piece Seat Belt 2.0 NATO Strap
  • AEM Diver Rubber Bands
  • FKM Smooth Diver Rubber Bands
  • Tropical Rally Rubber Bands
  • Waffle Rubber Bands
  • Canvas Bands
  • Cordura Bands
  • Silicone Bands

Here is the guideline to switch between the watch bands according to an occasion. The leather watch bands are mostly used for formal clothes. On the other hand, rest of the watch bands like NATO straps, Canvas Bands and Cordura Bands are used in casual outfits.

Pick and fit the best Apple Watch Band that suits you the most and goes with your outfit. All the watch bands mentioned above will ensure the beauty of your watch and enhance it truly.