Customer watch bands!

Customer watch bands

Customer watch bands!

Here at Clockwork Synergy, we’re passionate about our quality watch bands with quick release pins.  We love telling people how a new strap can breathe new life into your favorite old watch, or how having multiple colors of straps on hand can add to the versatility of your watch, enabling it to match any outfit, occasion, or environment.  It’s part of the reason we started this blog – to tell you about all the reasons we stand behind our products, and to spread the word about how something as simple as a strap can change your perspective on your favorite timepieces.

Customers Rave About Our Customer watch bands

What’s even better than telling you about our straps ourselves?  It’s letting our satisfied customers do the talking!  The internet is a fantastic place to find honest, candid opinions about our products from people who have no affiliations with our company.  The anonymity of the internet means that people tell things like they are, meaning that you can trust both their critiques and their endorsements.  Fortunately, it seems like the overwhelming majority of our customers have been happy with their Clockwork Synergy straps, and with their dealings with our company.

For example, one of our satisfied Customer watch bands saw fit to write a blog entry about how he used one of our Clockwork Synergy watch bands to transform his old watch and make it look brand new.  His blog entry on, entitled “My new favorite watch is my old one,” is full of praise for Clockwork Synergy.  Marco describes his Clockwork Synergy replacement watch band as “great,” and raves about how Clockwork Synergy offers to watch bands in “more colors than the rainbow.”  It’s precisely these types of unprompted reviews that motivate us to continue bringing the highest quality watch straps and the best customer service to our customers.

We’re equally happy to see our name mentioned on a timepiece message board site called  In a November 7, 2012 post, user Cronus4 from Southern California describes our straps as “very good quality,” indicating that he bought watch bands from our company in both 20mm and 22mm sizes, and directing other users to our seller catalog on  Thanks, Cronus4!  We’re happy you like them.

Also, ever since we launched our Facebook page, positive reviews have been pouring in.  To give you a taste, here are some of our most recent posts from satisfied customers:

“Love my new leather NATO watch strap!”
“Amazingly comfortable strap! Cannot wait to get more”
“Love my new NATO Black Turquoise!”
“Really enjoying my new strap.”

We love that our customers are so happy with their purchases that they took the time to write these (and many more!) positive endorsements.  But did you know that our Facebook page is a great place to request new product lines, color combinations, and materials?  It’s also a great place to interact with other people who love their watches as much as you do and want to take great care of them by attaching Clockwork Synergy watch bands.

So read all of our positive reviews on the internet, and please visit our Facebook page.  Why hear it from us when you can hear it from actual customers:  “Instantly add a little class to your wardrobe!”