Now Carrying DaLuca Watch Straps | Clockwork Synergy

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Now Carrying DaLuca Watch Straps | Clockwork Synergy

Clockwork Synergy is pleased to announce the new addition of DaLuca ® Watch Straps to our merchandise. As always, we are on a mission to continually bring you the latest and greatest watch straps we know you will love! And what is there not to love about DaLuca ® Watch Straps? Not only are they all handmade & hand stitched in the U.S.A. (San Diego to be precise), but they are unique in that they provide a stylish yet classic look to the watch strap world. Oh, and guess what? We currently have several styles in 5 different buckle colors! So come on in, check em out and read on for more information on these lovely straps.

Handmade in the U.S.A.

If you love (as much as the next person does) the feeling of having something you know is unique and made with that extra touch, you will love the DaLuca ® Watch Straps we now carry. Each strap is carefully handmade (and made in San Diego, California at that!), so you can rest assured that your watch is coming from good hands. You’ll understand what we mean when you feel the sturdy, thick smooth leather watch strap and receive tons of compliments on just how stellar your watch looks with a  DaLuca® Strap.

Now Carrying DaLuca Watch Straps
Leather NATO Wacth Straps

3 Different Colors to Choose From!

We have brought in three different colors to choose from. If you like a sleek classic look to go along with your wardrobe, try pairing your swanky Seiko, Invicta, Rolex, or another awesome watch with the  DaLuca ® Worn Light Brown or the Rich Saddle watch strap. These colors fit perfectly with the beautiful fall colors and and are sure to “Instantly Add a Little Class to Your Wardrobe.” Or, if you are a bit more adventurous, try DaLuca®’s deep Blue Watch Band that’s sure to spark all kinds of attention while out. This wristcandy will not only add to your look but will provide a classy level of sophistication that is sure to impress.

5 Different Hardware Options

As always, we love to provide you with as much variety as possible. We know each one of you have a unique, distinct style that sets you apart and we make sure we have everything you need to feel completely you. With that being said, we decided to bring in 5 different hardware options for our DaLuca ® Watch Straps. These include Stainless Steel, PVD, Brushed Steel, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. So whether you prefer the traditional stainless steel, or a bit edgier and prefer the PVD, we’ve got something for everyone.

Convinced yet of how great these watch straps are? We think so. We guarantee you’ll love them as much as we love you! (And, oh, how we love our customers!) So, please, go check out the new DaLuca ® Watch Straps we’ve just brought in and be amazed at just how great they are! And if you need more proof of how awesome they are, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to see for yourself just how happy our customers are with our watch straps!

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