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Leather watch straps have been ruling the fashion industry since it was first made. A leather watch strap is usually known as the Gentleman’s thing. Leather watch straps are one of the most popular choices of watch straps due to their variety and comfort. The varieties of the watch straps range in leather types, color, and also the color of strap stitching.

A leather watch strap is suggested to wear in colder seasons. A black leather watch strap is used in the colder months. While the light-shaded leather watch straps are used for the rest of the months in a year. A leather watch strap can be a good replacement for other watch bands like rubber or NATO watch straps. In this article, you will get to know everything about leather watch straps in detail. So let’s keep scrolling down!

Let’s start with the HISTORY of Leather watch straps.

History of Leather Watch Straps

It is said that wristwatches with leather watch bands did not come in fashion for men until sometime later. Leather watch straps were especially favored for women in the very beginning. Men back then didn’t appreciate wearing a wristwatch. But right now, most of the renowned watch brands are focused on producing men’s watches primarily.

It was around 1899 during the Boer war. You might be wondering, “What War?” Yes, there were two of the Boer wars. The first “Anglo-Boer” war was formed in 1880. The Second Boer war formed in 1899 and lasted for a few years. And both of the wars are known as Freedom Wars.

During that time, pocket watches were mainly a guy thing. But during the war, men were looking forward to attaching their pocket watch with their wrist. And that’s the time when leather straps were first used and introduced.

Types of Leather watch strap

Leather watch straps are of different types. Even though they are made using leather but come in different sizes, colors, and styles. Each of the leather watch straps carries its own identity and style. There are different types of leather which are in the market as well as different sorts of leather watch straps. Let see what are they:

Types of Leathers

These are the leather types. But not all watch straps are made using these types. Even they are called by a different name. So here are the leather types:

  • Full-grain Leather
  • Top-grain Leather
  • Split grain Leather
  • Genuine Leather
  • Bonded Leather

These are the leather types that are basically used to make leather watch straps. Now, these are the most popular watch straps which are made out of leather.

These leather straps also come for Apple watches. So you can turn it into a leather Apple Watch Band too.

What makes a good Leather Strap?

Generally, the leather of superior quality makes a good leather strap. There are some certain points to identify a good leather piece or good leather strap. Such as:

  • Shade variations
  • Scars
  • Growth marks and veins
  • Grain Variation
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Graining
  • Branding Marks

Good quality leather will contain all of these qualities present in it. So before buying any watch strap you can simply judge it through the above qualities.

Leather Watch Straps in Modern Fashion

We all know how fashion has changed along with time. At the same time, we also know the role of watches in the fashion industry.

Watches are meant to be used to show the time only but the purpose has been changed over time. Now, people tend to use watches just to complement their whole outfit. Because there is no better complementary option in your hand than a watch.

Watches are of many types. But we mainly have two types of watches on our plate. Such as Analog watches and Digital Watches. Both of them are popular and super trendy. Most people choose their watches depending on their outfits. But analog watches have always had a different fanbase for all time. But not only the dial, the look of the watch mainly depends on its straps.
Watch straps are of many types.

Such as:

  • NATO Straps
  • Rubber Bands
  • Silicone Bands
  • Leather Watch Straps

Leather watch straps carry a classic signature look. There are many shades and types of leather watch straps. And they are worn following the weather and outfit. Leather watches are mainly worn with formal outfits. For instance: with leather shoes and coats, floral printed shirts, or solid color formal shirts.

It is said that a black leather watch strap is suitable to wear in colder seasons. While the other shades are suggested to wear in the other seasons.

How to care for Leather Watch Straps

Regular cleaning is a must for leather straps. If you really want your leather watch strap to survive in the long run then you have to take care of it. Following these steps will help you take care of your leather watch straps properly.

Step 1: Wipe

A leather watch strap usually catches all sorts of dust as it remains attached to your skin, so you need to wipe all the dirt off the strap.

Step 2: Scrub

To scrub a strap, grab a soft cloth and a bucket of warm and soapy water. Gently scrub both sides of the watch strap but be careful on its edges. After that rinse out your cloth and wipe off any soap residue.

Step 3: Condition

Now, the watch strap is clean and dry and all you have to do is to treat it to little conditioner treatment. The conditioner will help the leather strap to stay hydrated and soft.

Final Thoughts

Now you have it all about leather watch straps. You have learned everything relating to leather watch straps. Now, the only question left for a leather watch strap is, whether you’re getting one for your watch to give it a new touch of life or not!