Harmonious Divers Silicone Straps

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Harmonious Divers Silicone Straps

Clockwork Synergy has just Introduced our New Divers Silicone Bands

Just because the weather has become cold and you aren’t outside as often does not mean to stop thinking about waterproof bands!

Our favorite thing about these straps is that they aren’t just for adventurous watch seekers. This casual look is perfect for everyday wear as well. Grab a drink, put in a movie and get comfortable on the couch with your favorite people and show off your watch on a diverse silicone band that they will all be jealous of!

These Silicone bands are both water and sweat-proof ( now ON SALE! ). These bands are crafted from a flexible material that is both comfortable and easily adjustable to all wrists. The silicone material is also very durable and can keep up with the most adventurous of watch fanatics.

They come in a variety of colors (14 choices). Need a fresh look for your morning run? How about our Red or Navy Blue divers? What about something flashy for when you go out tonight? Give the Lime Green or Bright Orange selections a try.