How NATO Watch Strap evolved Fashion: Single Pass vs. Classic Nylon NATO

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There is a saying that, “Fashion is what keeps the world alive.” Similarly, “Trend keeps fashion alive”. To jump off something trendy is a part of human nature. And throughout the centuries, many trends have come and gone. But the usage of watches was always there. Though one major change happened for watches. They used to be a tool or mechanism which calculates time and shows them. But for many people, watches are more than a tool to tell time. Fashion enthusiasts consider watches as a game-changing material in fashion. It enhances the total look of a man. But the look of a watch depends not only on its dial but mostly on its straps. There are tons of watch straps in the market. For instance: NATO watch strap, Leather straps, Metal straps, Mesh straps, and so on. Each of the watch straps has different looks than one another and also has different purposes. In this article, we will describe how NATO watch straps evolved fashion. We will also see the difference between a Classic NATO strap and a Single pass NATO strap. So let’s dive in!

How NATO Watch Strap evolved Fashion

If you are not familiar with watch straps then you might be wondering, What exactly is a NATO strap? Well, the NATO watch strap was first introduced in the 1970s and it was made for British soldiers. The breeze of modern fashion also touched the military people back then.

NATO straps are the cheapest and easiest way to change straps for a watch. Basically, it is made from a single piece of fabric. In general, nylons are used to make a single piece of fabric. NATO straps are very to install as well. You don’t have to take off both of your watch’s spring bars to switch one in. One safety feature of the NATO strap is its “watchkeeper strap”. It will keep your watch attached to your wrist no matter what you do.

NATO straps are a game changer in today’s strap and watches platform. It is because of the purposes of NATO straps. They are undoubtedly durable, swappable and very easy to clean. And most importantly there is no compromise with the look of a NATO strap. All the features of a NATO strap helped it to come and rule all the way since the 1970s. Renowned watch brands like Tudor Heritage & Daniel Wellington picked NATO straps as their signature watch straps. And this is how NATO watch straps evolved in today’s fashion.

Type of NATO Watch Strap

There are several types of NATO watch straps out in the market. Each of the watch straps carries their own style and stripes of course. Even each of the straps have different keepers and functionality. Now you might be questioning the type of NATO watch strap. Here are they:

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These are the types of NATO straps. Each of them is very much popular among all the fashion enthusiasts. Now we will see some major differences between a single pass NATO strap and classic nylon NATO strap.

Single Pass NATO Strap vs. Classic Nylon NATO Strap

Among all the NATO straps, Single pass NATO straps and Classic Nylon NATO Straps are the superior ones. Now we will see the major differences between a classic nylon NATO strap and single pass NATO strap. We will also learn about some commonly asked questions about the watch straps. So, let’s see below.

Single Pass NATO Strap

Single pass NATO strap is one of the most popular watch straps. The tucking in and folding over system of single pass NATO strap is done from the underside of the strap.

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If you change your watch strap to a single pass NATO strap, you will have some additional advantages. For instance, you will notice that your watch will sit closer to your wrist, similar to a bracelet or leather strap. Now let’s see some commonly asked questions about single pass NATO straps.

How do you adjust a Single Pass NATO Strap?

  • Pull the strap out through the first keeper.
  • Take some length off and it will push up some of the material through the buckle.
  • The process may not go smoothly but try to do it calmly.
  • Grab the keeper on the other side and pull that through.
  • Shorten the length by about half an inch.
  • Put it back through the keeper.
  • Now the size has been adjusted.

Can any watch use a Single Pass NATO Strap?

NATO straps are designed in a way that it can be used in any sort of watch you want. From smartwatches to chronograph watches, single pass NATO straps can fit anywhere at ease. Beautiful looking watch straps can compliment not only the watch but also the outfit of the day.

Classic Nylon NATO Strap

Classic Nylon NATO Strap or Classic NATO Strap is the most common watch strap found in the market. Yet, it is very popular, beautiful, and has good functionality. A classic nylon NATO strap is made using a single piece of fabric. Usually, nylons are being used to make the fabric of a classic NATO strap.

A classic nylon NATO strap is attached to a watch differently. Not like the system of a single pass NATO strap.

A classic NATO strap is installed in this follow ways:

  • Attach the bring bar of the watch. Position one end of the spring bar in the hole on one lug and push the other end into the hole in the second lug.
  • Prepare the new strap. Separate the two strap parts from each other. Now pull the longer strap through the metal loop.
  • After that, position the watch case on the new strap. Insert the longer part of the strap from the front of the watch to the back through the opening between the watch case and the spring bar. Again pull the strap and insert it from back to front through the opening at the bottom of the case. Then slide the case towards the middle of the strap.
  • In the final step, slide the strap through the metallic loop at the end of the shorter part of the strap.

This is how you can install a classic NATO strap to your favorite watch to make it look gorgeous again. Now we will see some of the commonly asked questions about Classic Nylon NATO Straps.

How long does a Classic Nylon NATO Strap lasts?

We already know that the army uses NATO straps. The stiffness of a NATO strap made it chosen by the military, of course. It defines the sturdiness of a classic nylon NATO strap.

But as always, how long will a classic NATO strap last, it mostly depends on the frequency of usage and weather.

What do you do with an excess NATO Strap?

You can easily get away with the extra strap by hanging it out. Also, if the hanging strap bothers you, then you can simply tuck it in. You will have to roll the extra piece of strap and tuck it back in the loop. This will solve the issue of the excess NATO strap.

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We have demonstrated ins and outs of how NATO watch straps evolved fashion. Also, we showed you some major differences between a single pass NATO strap and classic nylon NATO strap. Well, watch straps are the smartest way to change the look of your watch for any occasion. NATO straps are the cheapest and minimal looking watch straps, which you can wear on any occasion. So choose the best ones for yourself to give your watch a touch of new style!