How to Choose Watch Straps for Summer

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Summer is the time when you might feel irritated due to your wear. Especially when it comes to accessories. On a hot sunny day, people love to put on light clothes and they don’t want excess items as well. But a watch is a must no matter what season it is. Because a watch is not just a time-telling tool, but also a popular fashion item. So, what could be the hack to wear a watch without irritation in summer? Well, it’s nothing, just the watch straps. You need to know how to choose watch straps for summer. In this article, we will learn in-depth about it. So let’s dive in!

How to Choose Watch Straps: For Summer

You cannot just stop wearing your favorite watch in the hot summer. It surely will ruin your outfit of the day. So what could be the escape to this? Well, let’s discuss the ways:

Choosing the best kind of watch straps is very important for hot summer days. Because there are certain types of straps that are not compatible with hot weather. So you have to choose watch straps that are highly breathable. Breathable watch straps can help you to get rid of certain irritation from the stiffness of the watch straps.

Moreover, watch straps which are made for summer usage, can be washed and cleaned. Your watch straps can get wet due to excessive sweating. And wet watch straps can easily catch sand and dust. So washing the dust off is very important as well.

Best Watch Straps for Summer

Watch straps are the thing which enhances the beauty of a watch. But you have to choose a watch strap with good functionality as well. If so then Quick Release Watch Bands are the one. A quick release watch band can be changed within a second. Almost everyone can remove the bands just by using their fingers. So in the hot summer days, these quick-release watch straps can be a game changer for you. If a watch strap irritates you in the hot weather then you can switch to a comfortable watch strap in less than a minute.

There are different types of watch straps that come in a quick release system. But it is better to choose Nylon and Rubber watch straps over leather straps. Because your expensive leather straps can get destroyed because of your sweats. Now let’s focus on the types of quick-release watch bands that we can use during summer.

Quick-release Watch Bands Types: For Summer

Quick-release watch bands have Capsa spring bars. A strap with Capsa spring bars has a noticeable pin. The pin helps to separate the strap from the watch’s lug but not like the normal straps with simple bring bars.

Unlike the regular watch bands, a quick-release band has a pin to detach each side of the straps at ease. You will just have to press the pin inside on both strap ends and then replace each lug with the new strap. Now let’s see some quick-release watch bands suitable for summer.

Among all the watch straps mentioned above, The Tropical Rally Rubber watch strap is just perfect for the summer. It has countless small holes in it which makes it look and gives more breathability.

Rubber Bands

The Rubber Bands are the most versatile watch bands to use in summer. Rubber watch bands can be used anywhere and it can survive in any situation.

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A rubber watch band can be washed if it catches dust or any sort of dirt. And there is no chance of losing its color. So, no matter how much you wash it, it will not compromise with its look.

NATO & Perlon Watch Straps

For the other straps like AEM, FKM, and Waffle Rubber, you have an option to clean them off if they get dirty. Beside all the rubber watch bands, you can also try out the Nylon-made NATO and Perlon straps too. Now let’s learn more about these straps and see what straps you can use.

NATO Straps

Perlon Straps

NATO Straps

The root of the NATO Straps are truly military. This defines how rigid the toughness of a NATO strap is even if it gets sweat from your sweat! Basically, a NATO strap is made using nylon. The nylon fabric slides through a watch’s spring with a smaller secondary strap looping around the back to create and hold on the watch.

No doubt, NATO is a durable option and it is easy to clean as well. They are also the cheapest strap options you will find.

Perlon Straps

The perlon straps are made from Nylons as well, just like a NATO strap. The perlon straps are formed from a braided pattering of the material. Because of the braided pattern, a Perlon strap can provide a good amount of breathability.

Perlon Straps come in both one-piece and two-piece straps. So beside all the good looks and functionality, you can call it a good deal with wide options.

The watch straps we mentioned above are the best picks of the summer. Each of the watch straps provides good breathability, reduces irritation, and has washable features. These functionalities and features make all the mentioned unique and perfect to put on a hot summer day. After reading this article hopefully you are benefitted enough. And perhaps you have learned how to choose watch straps for summer.

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