Introducing: New Double Perlon Watch Straps

Watch Bands

We are excited to be expanding our European Perlon Fiber line! Alongside our current line, we are adding Double Perlons, and the change is literally in the name! While the same weave and materials are used, we doubled up on the thread count to provide a thicker band, along with a few small adjustments!

Reviving a Classic

While we love our current perlon strap + band line, they have become increasingly popular lately. You are starting to see the same style everywhere, with a buckle being the only real difference. As a solution, here is out a twist on this perfect summer strap!

Despite this collection being slightly thicker than our previous perlons, they are surprisingly soft and comfortable! The thicker stitching creates a more cushioned feel while allowing the band to be unexpectantly flexible.

Improved Perlon Keepers

A notable change we have made for these new Double Perlons is in our keeper placement. We still include two keepers (one loose and one fixed) but we have moved the fixed keeper farther from the watch case compared to our old design. This ensures that the perlon material is easy to loop under the keeper (despite the actual thickness). This was mentioned to us from customers who purchased our original Perlon line, and this revision is definitely noteworthy!

Double Perlon Customizable Options

Just like our other collections, we are proud to offer buckle and adapter color options to best fit your watch. We offer Double Perlons in 1-piece, 2-piece, and Apple options, and offer additional color options.