Introducing our Brother Company: Jaxon Edwin

Jaxon Edwin

Introducing our Brother Company: Jaxon Edwin

Family is at the heart of what we do. While ironically the name of the Founder’s son, the brand Jaxon Edwin was inspired by the Founder’s two grandfathers, who were known for their hard work, craftsmanship, and community engagement. These are the values that we want this company to represent.

Our entire team had a part in helping make this project possible, and we all included features that we think best represent Jaxon Edwin. We believe the best way to do business is to connect with customers, value everyone on your team, and support your community & fellow small businesses.

With design elements from our whole team, inspired by our historical office in Old Ellicott City, we hope you enjoy this timepiece as much as we do!

When we began designing the engine of the watch, we didn’t want to go with a body simply purchased from someone else. During our research, we had guidance from watch expert Alan Tsao from TSAO Baltimore Watches. He helped us to bring in one of the strongest movements while still keeping the minimalist feel that comes naturally with a thinner watch. Our Swiss-made Ronda movement is built to last.

Our goal was to include classic features while keeping it simple with a modern design and a neutral color palette. A brushed steel case, numeral date, an engraved crown, and double-domed sapphire crystal are just a few of the several features we envisioned.

Here at Jaxon Edwin, you will soon learn that we love the color blue. Complemented by warm leathers and brushed steel, you can’t go wrong with these color combos! We made sure to include a touch of blue in almost everything, from watch details, to packaging, and the stitching on our straps.

The design process of the face of the watch didn’t come without trials and failures. We knew our first watch wanted to be a militarist watch, but we wanted to work hard to make it as different as possible while remaining simple. To further captivate the spirit of Jaxon Edwin, the back of the case is engraved with the Main Street of our hometown, Ellicott City.

We love our town. It’s a traditional town full of people who pride themselves on supporting each other, and the type of environment which values “community over competition” is what we strive to promote. We thought that although we are engraving where it all began, it really represents everyone’s small town and the communities they hold dear.

Being watch strap specialists, we knew this would have had to release the best strap we could make. When we started sourcing different materials to set Jaxon Edwin apart, we soon discovered that going with genuine Horween© leather was a must. After choosing our color palette from their headquarters in Chicago, IL, we designed a clean and simple band with our “signature blue” stitching. We are proud to say that these are some of the best straps we have made to date, and they are only available at Jaxon Edwin.

For packaging, we wanted to skip the traditional box and design something more functional that can be used for everything from daily storage to travel. Using similar Horween© leather colors to compliment the watch straps, we designed a unique leather watch roll, which can hold the entire collection. Available in three different colors, our leather watch rolls are handmade right here in Ellicott City, Maryland.

We plan on packaging your watch in a padded box which is still in the design process, but we do know that it will complement the blue theme of this collection. The watch rolls will be personally wrapped and sent in our custom blue boxes.