What is an “iWatch”?

What is an “iWatch”?

In the midst of a new tech storm in wearable technology, we saw the release of gadgets by companies including Pebble, Android, and Samsung. To everyone’s surprise, Apple’s efforts to join this new trend came with a rather unusual announcement speed bump. The Apple Watch® failed to follow suit of past products. Many anticipated the new smartwatch would be branded “iWatch”… so what happened?

The answer leads to failed company OMG Electronics, a manufacturer who made claim to the term “iWatch”. In fact,  they publically announced efforts to join the smartwatch industry to little avail. OMG Electronics attempted to crowdfund the necessary funds, and provided intentions for “Raising funds for the development and creation of the ultimate mobile device that has the benefits of a wristwatch.” It was no surprise that these efforts came to have little success, amassing less than $1500 of the $100,000 goal.

When Apple finally released its heavily anticipated smartwatch, the “i” was dropped and the “Apple Watch®” was instead adopted. Amidst all the confusion around naming rights, another issue would come to bear. A solution of how to redirect misguided fans to the correct location, NOT to OMG Electronics (which ironically is available for purchase as of the time this article was first published).

Apple put resources into Google Ads, which seemingly would cause upset back in 2015. In addition to recent news of a price drop on the Apple Watch®, search engine queries continued to grow for the illustrious “iWatch” despite being branded differently.

The notion of how many individuals remain unaware of the differences between an iWatch and an Apple Watch is disconcerting!


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