Collaborations: Local Watch Enthusiast

Local Watch Enthusiast

Collaborations: Local Watch Enthusiast

Collaborations: DC Vintage Watches

In the fall of 2015, the Clockwork Synergy marketing team had the pleasure of connecting with Nick of DC Vintage Watches. Through his extensive, and unique collection of vintage watches, some dating back to the early 1950s, we were able to get a glimpse of the past and give it an updated look with our watch straps and bands.

The owner of DC Vintage Watches, Nick, greeted us with warm hospitality and revealed the majority of his collection to us. Over the next few months, we will be releasing those images that showcase his collection in a new series called “Clockwork Synergy Collaborations: Local Watch Enthusiasts”.

Meet the Man Behind DC Vintage Watches

Nick told us how his venture into the watch world began in high school through a family business run by his grandfather and father, repairing, and making watches. Seeing his family working on watches propelled him to search for more rare and vintage watches, which lead to him founding DC Vintage Watches in 2012. Even today, Nick still repairs watches in his free time and says “they are like a puzzle, each one tells a story about that time in history”. His business helps fuel his passion for watches and provides him the opportunity to give watches as gifts, creating greater sentimental value for the receiver. In addition to running his business, he also has a full-time gig within the government.

Local Watch Enthusiast
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DC Vintage Watches

“[Watches] are like a puzzle, each one tells a story about that time in history”

In addition to his fascination with vintage watches, Nick is also very knowledgeable about every single piece he has in his collection. Rarely is he speechless about his watches, unless he is admiring the stunning design and functionality of a vintage watch. With each watch he was able to recall the year, model, style, and history associated with the creation, use, and how the watch was acquired. (Some were very interesting methods, such as yard sales or passed down from family members)

A Wealth of Knowledge

In addition to the historical context of most of his watches, Nick was able to promptly recall pop culture use of any of the watches, such as the Seiko H558 from the mid-1980s being worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in many of his popular movies during this time. Also, about the 6139 Seiko Pogue which was named after the astronaut and was worn while he was in space. The Omega Speedmaster took a similar journey to hang out among the stars. In addition to this, Nick was able to recall which of our watch straps would match perfectly with his collection, such as the Marathon Military Issue with our Nato Army Camo PVD Strap. While he got to work matching up watches with watch bands, we set up the photography equipment and began capturing these timeless pieces through the lens.

Throughout the morning, and afternoon, we got to learn about the collective watch community of DC and more about DC Vintage Watches. Over the next few months, we will be releasing the rest of his collection with our straps. Follow us on social media as we release more pictures showcasing the collection or check out our thread on watch seek.

Check out Nick and his site DC Vintage Watches

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