Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid

Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid

Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid with NATO Watch Straps!

Clockwork Synergy loves the fact that, in everything we do, we shout choices! From our Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid to our Premium Silicone Rubber Straps, we always try to provide variety to our customers. And because of our variety of different products, we have a variety of different customers (all of who we are thankful for, very very much!!). From young to old and everyone in between, we love the fact that we have a Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid that will “Instantly Add a Little Class to Your Wardrobe” no matter who you are. In this post, we wanted to go ahead and highlight our middle school population because they are so awesome and cool and we feel we don’t talk about them enough. Here, we talk to Jake W., who is by far, the Coolest Kid in School. And how can he not be; he’s wearing our stylish, awesome Nato nylon watch straps! (And if that won’t make you cool, I don’t know what will!).

After talking with Jake W., a 13-year-old who attends a middle school in Arlington, Virginia, we got more of an idea of just what he’s all about (He’s about a whole lot of awesome, of course!). In Jake’s daily life of the school, homework, and whatever else he’s got going on that day, he likes to relax just like the next kid. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and playing video games.  On the weekends, he usually gets geared up for a basketball tournament (can you tell he likes basketball?), and when there is any extra free time outside of the tournaments, he, like most kids, enjoys hanging out with his friends. And since his hometown happens to be right near Washington D.C., it’s no surprise who his favorite sports teams are. Jake loves to cheer loudly and proudly for the Washington Wizards as well as the Washington Nationals.

Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid

Whatever Jake likes to be doing, he clearly has a sense of style that is undeniable and we are happy to be intertwined with his fashion sense. So it should be no surprise then to all of you (and us as well) that Jake discovered Clockwork Synergy and our replacement watch straps. Currently rocking our Red/Grey/Black Strap, we asked him how he heard about us. “My dad happened to show me the website and all I could say was, COOL!”

After searching the site, he decided to “Instantly Add a Little Class” to his wardrobe by purchasing some of our high-quality, stylish Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid. And what’s great about our straps being interchangeable, is that Jake can swap out different colors and styles for his watch. He also purchased our Black & Light Blue striped Nylon Nato watch strap (which he says is his favorite). Asking him what he likes best about these straps, Jake goes on to highlight our fresh look by stating, “My new Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid watch bands help my dad’s old watch look stylish and new, plus it’s cool to be wearing the same watch my dad wore in college.” We love the fact that our watch straps are helping to not only add sophistication and a bit of flair to Jake’s watch but also that we are a part of a family connecting through generations by sharing a special watch between father and son.

The first day Jake wore his Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid watch with one of his new Clockwork Synergy bands, he said his friends instantly noticed and the compliments he received reiterated just how great he felt his Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid was. Besides school and his everyday routine, we asked Jake to mention a special “time” in his life that recently stuck out to him. He said for him it was his best friend’s bar mitzvah and the awesome after party (Who doesn’t like a great after party??). He got all slicked up in a suit & tie and his Nato nylon watch strap was added to his attire to create an amazing stand-out-from-the-crowd kinda style.

He feels they are a cool accessory to have and showcase a little of his personality and style. We asked him if he could design his very own watch strap, and what it would like. He preferred to have his last name in capital letters with a diamond/rhombus background in grey, black and red. As we are always looking for new ideas, we also asked what Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid Watch he’d like us to carry in the future. “It would be neat if customers could personalized bands with names, logos, or other personal info.” Sounds pretty classy, doesn’t it? Jake, we’ll go ahead and get right on that!

From the pictures and interview, we can tell just how cool Jake K. really is. And we are so glad we were able to help him become even hipper with our Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid.  As we said before, we are so very proud to be able to appeal to all different populations! We love diversity, from our Nato Nylon Watch Straps Kid watch to our customers, and will always strive to create more options for every person out there! When it comes down to it, our main goal is to make you happy in order for you too, “Instantly Add a Little Class to Your Wardrobe.” Check out our Instagram here and see for yourself!