Popular NATO Watch Straps (Collection)

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NATO Overview

Our NATO & Perlon Collections consists of many different styles: Parachute Elastic, Seat Belt, Classic, Premium, Heavy, Leather, RAF, Perlon, Double Perlon and more! We offer various options within each category, such as 2-Piece or XL alternatives.

Our newest Seat Belt 2.0 NATO Watch Bands (in two Pieces) are a must have. Designed with enhanced seat belt material, premium stitching and heat-sealed ends to create a comfortable, secure feel on your wrist. They also come with sewn in brushed steel buckle and keepers.

120mm/80mm length. 1.3mm thickness. These are quick-release watch bands that do not require tools to install or remove from your traditional watch!

Our 2 Piece Slanted NATO quick release watch band is made from slanted woven weave offering a premium feel yet secure fit for all watches. The threaded patterns are stylish and will help showcase your watch! A bonus with the built in quick release pins makes it easy to swap strap colors.

1.2mm thickness. 115mm/75mm Length. Includes sewn in brushed silver hardware.

Our 2 Piece Parachute Elastic NATO quick release watch band is made from super stretchy elastic to ensure a comfy yet secure fit for all watches. The parachute material allows the strap to stay lightest but also extremely comfortable. A bonus with the built in quick release pins makes it easy to swap strap colors.

1.7mm thickness. 120mm/80mm Length. Includes sewn in brushed silver hardware.

Our Single Pass NATO is made from one of our highest material yet. Made from a tightly woven nylon fabric with a silky finish. Extremely durable and comfortable to wear. Attached is our slip through King Buckle making these adjustable for multiple width wrists. 1.25mm thick. 280mm in length. Multiple sizes to choose from. (Length can vary by a few millimeters depending on the color)

Our Seat Belt NATO arrives in both 1 Piece Strap and 2 Piece Bands. Made with authentic seat belt material, these watch bands and straps are silky, smooth, and durable. Available in multiple colors, they can also have their hardware color changed on the 2 Piece versions. See what everyone is talking about with these fresh and exciting watch bands and watch straps!

The Classic NATO Strap, a crowd favorite, is woven with strong yet comfortable ballistic nylon threads, and are fused between stainless steel hardware to create a durable heat seal. This style comes either as a full strap, or as a 2-Piece option with additional stitching, depending on your needs. The Classic NATO has become highly popular due to the fact that the access material can be tucked into the keeper, allowing it to fit almost any wrist.

Thicker than our Classic and Premium NATO’s, our heavy-duty straps are built to withstand whatever test you put them through. Available as a 2-Piece option with 3 rings, or as an XL with 5 rings, the keepers, buckle loop, and woven nylon is the thickest of any of our other straps in the NATO collection. Heat sealed and stitched, this is the perfect choice for someone with a heavy large watch looking for more support.

Crafted with 100% genuine calf leathers and stainless steel hardware, these NATO’s retain their stunning vibrant colors and hold up well against wear. Due to being the thinnest of our leather straps, our Leather NATO is incredibly durable but is also one of the most comfortable.

What makes the RAF straps unique from our Classic straps is the fixed nylon keeper close the the buckle, rather than another stainless steel keeper. While there is a second stainless steel keeper farther along the strap, separating the metal with matching nylon material is a great accent to this Classic NATO spinoff.

A great attribute to our Perlon straps is the quality of it’s material. While there are many false perlon straps in the word, we pride ourselves in producing watch straps with true perlon synthetic fibers created in Europe, which lends to the material’s authenticity. It’s two keepers are created from perlon as well (one fixed and one free) and comes with the option to choose from different buckle colors. Lightweight, heat-sealed and flexible, the material allows you to choose your buckle hole to exactly where you need it to be.