Add a personal touch to your Pebble smartwatch!

Add a personal touch to your Pebble smartwatch!

The latest craze in the timepiece industry just launched and is now sweeping the nation.  The Pebble “smartwatch” ( is a next-generation watch that features an “E-Paper” electronic display as you find on the major brands of e-readers.  It syncs with your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, effectively creating a mini extension of your phone right on your wrist.

Right off the bat, users can shuffle through their favorite music, record time and distance for running and cycling, and find yardages to the pin on the golf course – all with the hands-free convenience of a wristwatch.  Additionally, you can check caller-ID and view text messages without having to fish out your phone from your pocket or purse.  And the best part is that Pebble is receiving frequent pitches from technology developers to add new apps.

The Pebble Smart Watch & Kickstarter

Part of the beauty of the Pebble smartwatch is how it began:  as a small start-up idea on Kickstarter, one of the leading crowd-funding websites on the internet.  By the time the fundraising period closed, Pebble emerged as the single most highly funded project to date, with 68,928 people contributing a total investment of $10,266,844.  As you can see, the excitement surrounding this product is undeniable, and with a relatively modest price tag of $150, it’s sure to be one of the most widely accessible tech products in recent memory.  That is if Pebble can ramp up production enough to meet demand.  Pebble has sold over 85,000 units since production began in January 2013, and it seems that the public appetite for these devices is only going to grow stronger.

At this point in time, Pebble smartwatch only comes in a small palette of watch face colors with only two options for either a solid black or solid white strap.  This is where Clockwork Synergy replacement watch straps come in!  Pebble smartwatch customers can now fully customize their new high-tech toys with any of our 22mm classic straps, or our equally stunning 22mm two-piece quick release” products.  Each type of strap is fully compatible with the Pebble smartwatch and takes only seconds to change.

Just because the Pebble watch face has a futuristic, utilitarian look reminiscent of communicator devices from our favorite science fiction shows and movies doesn’t mean that it has to retain that look forever.  In fact, Pebble even featured one of our replacement straps on its official Facebook page!  Even Pebble owners on Reddit continue to praise the functionality, style, and utility of our replacement straps when paired with their devices.

Pebble is hard at work making sure their smartwatch functions well from a hardware and software perspective.  We at Clockwork Synergy are equally hard at work fulfilling orders to make the latest and greatest tech product stylish as well.  With the watch’s neat features, futuristic appearance, and a bit of personalization with a Clockwork Synergy watch strap, your Pebble smartwatch is sure to be a conversation starter!

So why not “instantly add a little class to your Pebble?”  You’ll be glad you did!