Our Pebble Steel Watch Straps are Here!

Our Pebble Steel Watch Straps are Here!

2019 UPDATE: We no longer carry Pebble Steel Watch Bands

So, we know everyone’s been raving about Pebble Smart Watches and how awesome they are (Yes, they are awesome!!), so we figured we’d join the crowd and offer our customers exactly what they want. Clockwork Synergy, as many of you already know, already offers many Pebble Steel Watch Straps that fit the Pebble Smart Watch, but when we hear people craving something, we make sure we make it happen. That is why we are pleased to announce that we now are carrying the latest and greatest Pebble Steel Watch Straps. Similar to our Premium Silicone, they are 100% Silicone, which means you should be prepared to be amazed at how extremely comfortable and durable each watch strap really is! And they are water resistant as well. So whether you decide you want to go for a walk outside and just happen to get caught in the rain, you can be sure your watch strap will be protected.

And what’s even better is that our Pebble Steel Diver’s Silicone Pebble Steel Watch Straps present a new twist in watch strap land, as they come with New, Modern Stainless Steel or PVD Black Buckles that are sure to impress. Also, each of our diverse silicone watch straps is designed to fit the Pebble Steel perfectly. So, you can rest assured knowing that our Pebble Steel Diver’s Silicone straps will pair up perfectly with your Pebble Steel Smart Watch! And, since all of our watch straps are interchangeable, you can swap out as many watch straps as you want, depending on your mood! (If you need easy, quick instructions on how to do this, click here to watch our video tutorial!)

Clockwork Synergy loves providing you with options, and as always, we make sure we have plenty of them. With our Pebble Steel Diver’s Silicone Straps, we offer over 10 different colors for you to choose from. From our Sleek Black, Navy Blue, and ever-popular White, to more bright, stand-out colors like Green & Orange, we make sure we have something for everyone. Because, we all have our own unique style, and here at Clockwork Synergy, we recognize this and make it our personal goal to make sure you are able to reflect your own personality with your wardrobe.

Also, to add to the excitement of our new line of Pebble Steel Watch Straps, we are including 1 FREE (Yes, we said it, FREE!) tool with each order (we also have replacement screws too if needed). The best things in life are free, right? There are also tubes in each band for additional safety and security, helping to make sure the band will stay attached properly.

So we hope you will take the opportunity to browse our online store and take a look at our new Pebble Steel Diver’s Silicone Pebble Steel Watch Straps! And if you want to see what our fabulous watch straps look like on our customer’s wrists, Follow us on Instagram here and Like us on Facebook! Our customers love to post pictures with their new, sleek watch straps! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line here! We love to hear from you!