2-Piece Leather Premium Nato Straps!

Premium Nato Strap

2-Piece Leather Premium Nato Straps!

Clockwork Synergy‘s Premium Nato Straps are one of, if not, the most popular watch bands we carry in our stock.  Here at Clockwork Synergy, we always make sure to provide our customers with exactly what they want. From the forever classic Nato watch strap to more up-to-date trendy watch bands (Premium Silicone, anyone?), we are always on the lookout for the greatest and latest. And we love to provide you with variety too, as we know, just like the next person, options are what everyone enjoys! So we are taking this time out to let you know about another of our (awesome) Premium Nato Straps we’ve come out with. Our Premium 2-Piece Leather Nylon Nato Watch Straps are what we are specifically talking about if you were wondering (Of course you were wondering!).

So what’s so great about these watch straps? (What’s not?) Besides the fact that they are Nato, which is enough reason to jump for joy out of your seat, they all are also Premium. This means that they have extra stitching, compared to the regular Nato, which provides significant protection for your watch strap. Each Premium 2-piece watch strap is also a bit thicker, for your desired taste. So you can rest assured that your watch strap will not only be stylish, but extremely durable. Whether you decide to wear it to work every day, at all of the sports games we know you’ll be going to, or simply out with friends and family, we know your watch strap will hold up for many, many years to come.

Oh, did we mention that each 2-piece is made of Genuine Leather? Oh, I love how those words sound! Genuine Leather!  The front of course is Nylon, but try feeling how smooth the back is! And, if you haven’t already figured it out, these straps come in two pieces, making it extremely easy to attach to your watch. (If you ever need instructions on how to quickly swap out your watch straps, “watch” our super easy video tutorial here!).

Besides all of these great things that make this watch strap unique, Clockwork Synergy also offers the premium 2-piece Leather Premium Nato Straps in several colors, striped as well as solid.  We, of course, have our very admired Black & Grey Premium Nato Strap as well as our sleek Black & Red. If you love colors, try our 2-piece Black / Sky / Royal Blue. If you love Blue, this will surely get people’s attention and remind them of Blue Skies, Oceans, and Summer fun! If you prefer to stick to your solids, we’ve got you covered. From our Black, Navy Blue, and Red, to our Rich Army Green, Pop-out-at-you Orange, or our more neutral Khaki, it’s clear that we’ve got a color and style for everyone.

We are very proud of our 2-Piece leather Premium Nato Straps and hope you will check them out! For more ideas on what watch strap looks best on your watch, Follow us on Instagram and Like us On Facebook! You’ll be able to see hundreds of pictures posted by our satisfied, awesome customers!