Diver’s Rubber Straps Combine Style and Utility

Diver’s Rubber Straps Combine Style and Utility

Here at Clockwork Synergy, we are always looking to expand our customers’ horizons in the watch accessory business.  A large segment of the watch-wearing public is unaware of the options available to them.  Many believe that they need to purchase an entirely new watch for each application or environment:  business, casual, and outdoors.  This is simply not the case!

That’s part of the reason we started blogging about Clockwork Synergy watch straps:  to make the watch-wearing public aware that, in most cases, their favorite watch is perfectly suited for any environment.  Sometimes, however, the strap paired with the watch might not be as well-suited.

We hear this complaint all the time.  A person with good taste in watches invests a significant sum of money on an expensive, stylish, heavy-duty watch from one of the major timepiece manufacturers.  The manufacturer may boast that their watch is impregnable to water and dirt and that it would be perfect for the style-conscious outdoorsman or diver.  They then pair their watch with a standard leather strap – one that feels right at home at the business meeting, but one that the owner is reluctant to get wet, dirty, or scuffed.  As a result, the watch owner chooses to leave their favorite watch at home when they engage in outdoor activities that are likely to ruin the strap.


Rubber Straps Combine

With Clockwork Synergy’s vast collection of replacement watch straps, this no longer has to be the case.  Whether the watch owner is hiking, biking, or actually deep sea diving, Clockwork Synergy diver’s rubber watch straps offer the perfect combination of style and utility.  Our diver’s Rubber Straps Combine is molded from professional-grade rubber that is equal parts durable, flexible, and colorful.  Dirt and water are not absorbed into the material, and the strap dries quickly once exposed to some fresh air.  For these reasons, we find that these diver’s Rubber Straps Combine are among the most popular choices for the watch-wearing outdoorsman.

All that being said, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the stylistic qualities of these Silicone quick release bands.  They come in a huge variety of sizes and colors that are sure to be complementary to any color palette.  In fact, we are seeing a growing trend among our style-conscious female customers, who choose a brightly-colored diver’s rubber strap to introduce a pop of color to their wardrobe choices.  For this application, our customers are fortunate in that these diver’s rubber straps take only a few seconds to remove and replace, meaning that a style-savvy customer can purchase multiple colors of the same diver’s rubber strap and mix-and-match the strap to go with their day’s outfit.

That’s why we like to say that diver’s Rubber Straps Combine style and utility.  They can be equally valuable to the serious deep sea diver, the mountain biker, or the chic shopper heading to the mall.  If this kind of versatility seems to be right up your alley, please take a moment to browse our catalog of various sizes and colors.  No matter where and why you wear it, you won’t be disappointed.

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