White XL NATO Watch Strap


  • Compatibility: larger wrists
  • Style: XL NATO strap
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: White
  • Lining: White
  • Length: 295mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Adjustability: 13 adjustability holes
  • Hardware: Brushed Steel, PVD Black
  • Feel: Strong & Durable


Our white XL NATO 5-ring Heavy NATO watch strap. These straps are designed to offer extra length for the larger wrist. Our Ballistic Nylon makes for a more durable, tough look without risking comfort and feel. Although these straps are much thicker than our Classic NATO straps, they still feel comfortable around the wrist. Not only are these straps constructed with a heat seal process, but they are also stitched for extra protection to last longer. Each strap is equipped with high-end heavy duty hardware. A perfect companion product for the bigger watches on the market. Make sure you get your white XL NATO Watch Strap before we run out!

Additional information

Color Style


NATO Style

Heavy Nato


18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm

XL Nato Type

Brushed Steel 5R XL Heavy Nato, PVD 5R XL Heavy Nato

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