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If you’re a watch enthusiast or would gladly call yourself a horophile, you’ve probably heard of the amazing benefits of the NATO straps. These watch straps were originally made by the British for wartime usage, as they were perfect for the battlefield. While the world is no longer at war, the NATO strap should be a standard strap set for any hands-on worker, as it’s durable, snug, and quite stylish with any outfit.

Usually made of nylon, we create a variety of materials to fit your preferred fashion taste. Right now, we have a variety of leather,  carbon fiber, canvas, Italian silk, and the unique seat belt, with a color set that ranges from classic black to youthful light blue hues. What’s perfect about this strap set is that it fits almost all watches, and it has the best width for any wrist size. Unsure how to fit a band to your timepiece? Check out our Fitting Guide