Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands


  • Style: Cordura® leather watch bands
  • Material: 1000 denier Cordura® topping, genuine leather backing
  • Color: Autumn
  • Stitching: Autumn
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Medium/Large Length: 125mm/75mm
  • Small/Medium Length: 115mm/70mm
  • Adjustability: 7 Adjustability Holes
  • Hardware: Multiple Color Options
  • Attachment: Built-in Quick Release pins
  • Feel: Lightweight & Comfortable


Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands in USA

In the realm of horology, the watch band is not merely a functional accessory but a statement of style and personality. The Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands stand out as an exceptional choice for those who seek the perfect blend of rugged durability and seasonal elegance. Designed to cater to both aesthetic preferences and practical needs, these bands are an ideal complement to any timepiece, providing an unparalleled combination of resilience and style.

Exceptional Quality and Materials

The 1000 denier Cordura® topping, a fabric recognised for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear, is used in the construction of the Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands. Cordura® fabric, which was first created for military use, is renowned for its resilience against rips, abrasions, and scuffs, guaranteeing that the band will stay in perfect condition even in the most demanding situations. For watch bands that must withstand the rigours of an active lifestyle without sacrificing their attractiveness, Cordura® is a great material option.

The durability of the Cordura® topping is complemented by a genuine leather backing, which adds a layer of sophistication and comfort. Leather is known for its luxurious feel and timeless appeal, offering a soft and supple texture against the skin. This combination of materials results in a watch band that is not only robust and resilient but also stylish and comfortable, suitable for a variety of occasions from outdoor adventures to formal events.

Warm Autumn Color and Matching Stitching

Rich and warm, the Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands radiate a sophisticated and elegant feel befitting the season. The vivid colour of your watch is evocative of the fresh autumn air and changing leaves, making it a fashionable piece that perfectly captures the beauty of the time of year. The band’s unified appearance is further enhanced by the matching stitching in an autumnal colour, which results in a smooth and eye-catching design. The band’s structural stability is reinforced by the painstaking stitching, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also makes sure it will hold up over time.

Optimal Thickness for Comfort and Durability

With a thickness of 3mm, the Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands strike the perfect balance between sturdiness and comfort. The band’s thickness ensures it is robust enough to securely hold the watch in place, yet flexible enough to conform comfortably to your wrist. This makes the band suitable for a wide range of activities, from intense outdoor pursuits to everyday office wear, providing consistent support without compromising on comfort.

Adjustable Length for a Customized Fit

The Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands come in two lengths, Medium/Large (125mm/75mm) and Small/Medium (115mm/70mm), to fit a range of wrist sizes. The bands have seven holes for adjustment, so you can get an exact, personalised fit. The band can be adjusted to match any wrist size, from tiny to large, giving you a snug fit that will last all day.

Versatile Hardware Options

Since every person’s taste is different, Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands are available in a variety of hardware colours. There is hardware to fit any style preference, be it rose gold’s understated grace, black PVD’s sleek appearance, or stainless steel’s timeless polish. The premium hardware gives your watch a touch of individualised flair while assuring dependability and longevity. It also improves the band’s aesthetic appeal.

Built-in Quick Release Pins for Convenience

A standout feature of these watch bands is the built-in quick release pins, allowing for easy and tool-free attachment and detachment of the band. This feature enables you to quickly switch out your watch band to match your outfit or activity, providing both flexibility and ease of use. The convenience of quick release pins makes these bands ideal for those who enjoy changing their watch bands frequently, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The Autumn Cordura® Leather Watch Bands are incredibly light for their tough design, so your wrist won’t be burdened unnecessarily by the band. The band feels fantastic on the skin thanks to the mix of the soft leather backing and the lightweight Cordura® fabric, reducing the possibility of irritation or discomfort. For those who lead active lives and want a watch band that is both sturdy and comfortable, this lightweight design is ideal.

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18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm

Buckle Color

Brushed Steel, PVD Black, Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, Yellow Gold

Cordura Length

Medium/Large, Small/Medium

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