Silicone Watch Straps Coming Soon to Match your Phone Case!

Silicone Watch Straps Coming Soon to Match your Phone Case!

For those that are conscious of their fashion choices, there is a wealth of knowledge on the internet as to how your watch can both complement and accentuate items in your wardrobe.  Seeing as Clockwork Synergy is a retailer of some of the finest watch straps money can buy, we are all too aware that trends in watch strap fashion closely mirror trends in other fashion accessories.

Matching Your Silicone Watch Strap With Your Outfit

For example, any number of fashion resources will tell you that in order to complete a classic, conservative, yet stylish look, one should try to match his or her watch strap with his or her other outfit accessories.  That is, a man in the business world should try to match his strap in texture, material, and color to that of his belt and shoes.  Likewise, women striving for the same classic look should strive to match their strap to an accent color prominently featured in their outfit, or otherwise match it to their handbag or another accessory.

But what happens when there is a societal shift that adds another ubiquitous item to the fashion repertoire?  Fashion evolves.

Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to walk down the street in any major city in the developed world and not find a person utilizing their smart phone.  They are a symbol of utility and social connectivity that few can part with for more than a few hours at a time.  They make phone calls, send texts, take pictures, and otherwise connect people to the things they care about most.

As a result of this recent phenomenon, people are often intensely possessive of their smartphones and are willing to go to great lengths to protect the components and personalize their appearance.  The phone accessory industry rakes in billions of dollars by providing that protection and individualization in a wide variety of designs and colors – so much so that the smartphone actually turns out to be as much a part of an individual’s fashion persona as their clothing.

Here at Clockwork Synergy, we take pride in spotting the fashion trends that mark today’s interconnected and tech-savvy generations.  That’s why we are launching a brand new line of replacement watch straps to complement the way smartphones and their accessory cases have left a mark on modern fashion.  Coming soon, we will offer an extensive selection of high quality, durable silicone watch straps in fifty-five (55!) colors so that you can display a consistent color scheme in both the palm of your hand and on your wrist.

Our silicone material closely mimics the type of material you would find in a leading silicone smartphone case, such as the Otterbox (R).  And like a silicone phone case, our material ensures that your watch has just the right amount of friction to stay in place, so as not to rotate on the wrist or slip off.  Best of all, our huge inventory of color options means that you are almost assured to be able to match your silicone watch strap with the color featured on your phone case.

This is the new wave of watch fashion, and you can be sure that Clockwork Synergy will continue to be on the cutting edge so that you can “Instantly add a little class to your wardrobe.”