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Summertime Watch Straps

The Perfect Summertime Watch Straps | Clockwork Synergy

If you’ve looked around lately, you probably have noticed, Summer is Here! From backyard cookouts, and swimming in the pool, to drinking a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day, summer is filled with wonderful and glorious activities for all. And since Summer is a time to be out and about with family and friends, you’ll want to make sure you are always dressed to impress and comfortable too! Clockwork Synergy makes sure you are taken care of during these hot times by providing you with the very best Summertime Watch Straps! From our Premium Silicone Summertime Watch Straps to our Classic NATO Watch Bands, we are sure you’ll find something perfect for you and your summer days!

Try our Premium Silicone Watch Straps if you want something that’s all the rage and super comfortable! Each band is made from 100% Silicone. This means you’ll have trouble keeping yourself from constantly feeling how smooth they are! (It’s okay, we won’t blame you) Our Silicone bands are Water-Resistant too! So, if you happen to get splashed in a pool (which is likely since it’s summer) or get caught in the rain, you can rest assured knowing your watch strap will be protected. We make sure to provide you with different colors and sizes, as we know variety is the spice of life! Currently in 22mm (All of our 22mm Silicone Summertime Watch Straps fit the Pebble Smartwatch if you happen to be awesome and have one) and 20mm, we carry these straps in several different colors. If you love solid colors, try our Classic Black, White, Navy Blue, or Rich Red. If you want to celebrate summer with colors as bright as the sun, try our Pink, Lilac Purple, Bright Yellow, or Bright Blue (to match those beautiful blue waters you know you’ll be in). If you prefer stripes, we have our always-popular Black & Grey, Black & Pink, or Navy Blue & Red. There are of course many, many other colors which you can check out here!

If you love NATO Summertime Watch Straps as much as we do, then why not stock up on great styles for the summer? We, of course, have our classic Black & GreyNavy & RedNavy & Yellow, and even Red, White & Blue (July 4th anyone??). If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, give our Sky & Khaki Classic NATO strap a try. These are sure to impress your friends and make you and your watch stand out from all the rest!

Whatever style you are into, you can be sure Clockwork Synergy has it. We love bringing you different colors, styles, and sizes! So, this summer, make sure you get out there and do everything you’ve been dreaming about all winter long and make sure you do it in style! Check out our website and follow us on Instagram for more pictures of our wonderful, happy customers!

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