Who Will Be Teaming Up With Clockwork Synergy

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Who Will Be Teaming Up With Clockwork Synergy

Hello Clockwork Synergy’s ladies and gentlemen! We want to introduce you to a new friend of ours, Schmutz Watches! They make some pretty amazing timepieces. We’d like to think we sell some pretty amazing straps as well. Put these two great companies together and poof: you’ve got a match made in watch lover’s heaven!

Seriously though, we recently had the (awesome) pleasure of teaming up with the very new and creative Schmutz Watches to match their elegant, artist-inspired watches with our beautiful new suede top watch straps! Schmutz Watches, which was recently launched on the popular fundraising site, Kickstarter, collaborates with artists worldwide to create one-of-a-kind works of art on their watch faces.

Our Brand New Suede Straps Offer Durability

Each one of our sleek suede top watch bands comes with built-in water-resistant lining which helps to protect the rich suede strap from any type of moisture damage that may occur. This is extremely important for watch straps, as they are often exposed all day long. Whether you are working, going to classes, or simply walking to your next destination, your watch strap needs to be protected as best as it can be. So rest assured, whether you are outside walking on a rainy day, or on your way to a business lunch on a hot summer afternoon, your suede strap will be properly protected. What does this really mean? With the water-resistant lining, you don’t have to fret; you will be able to show off your new arm candy at all times during the day, evening, and into the night. We promise (scouts honor).

Spring in the New Season with Suede Straps!

And with Spring coming into full swing, you’ll be ready to wear your watch piece in style this season with these beautiful, light-colored watch straps. These high-end suede straps are available in two smooth, distinct colors: a rich grey and light tan; each color is perfect for bringing out the beauty and sophistication of your watch piece. With the new season comes new birth, new life, and with it, new change. Why should your watch and watch strap be any different?

These soft and comfortable suede straps are a great alternative to our traditional nylon stainless steel watch straps, as well as a nice bridge for those who love Clockwork Synergy’s fine genuine, oiled leather replacement watch bands. Our classic watch bands have always been popular and customers love them, but sometimes it’s nice to switch your wrist up with something new for a change. These suede straps are light, they are stylish, and once you get one, you won’t be able to stop yourself from feeling how soft they are (Yes, they really are that smooth).

Be sure to check us out as we continue to expand and bring in new and exciting watch straps for you all. We are always looking for the highest quality watch straps out there, so if there’s something you’d like to see us carry, drop us a line. Oh, and don’t forget to give us a shout-out on Instagram (We love to hear from our amazing customers)! While you’re there, make sure you follow our good friend, Schmutz Watches too. Cheers!